Visiongain’s latest Defense report - WarNet: Network Centric Warfare and Battlefield Communications

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Published: Wed Apr 27 2005

The kind of technological advancement requirement to make this happen is immense, massive investment in satellite and digital communications is required. Research and development is currently taking place into how they can provide commanders, aircraft, naval vessels and soldiers with the best equipment to link them to this network. "There could be significant problems with speed, bandwidth, security and network organisation. Defence companies and I.T companies have to work closely together to make this happen but those that are successful will receive massive revenue increases", comments Tim Fish, visiongain’s Defense analyst.

Visiongain believes that other countries in the world are adopting similar measures to the United States and there are just as many potential contracts in Europe and the rest of the world as there are in the US. Whilst investment has an element of risk to it most Governments involved are committed to the networking of their forces. One specific area where there is future potential is in the transfer of technology used in soldier digital handsets to the civilian and business mobile sectors.

Producing the WarNet and putting the communications structure in place involves a mixture of computer hardware and software, expanding bandwidths and digital computers. It is related to Internet operators, telecomm service providers and communications technology.

"Defence companies currently involved or interested in expanding into digital communications Mobile manufacturing companies developing new communications handset and other products I.T software and hardware producers involved with the defence industry Government defence ministries that want to know about networking prospects and companies involved" adds Fish.

Whilst many Governments are committed to digitising and networking their armed forces only the United States has the capacity to fully transform its military and this is largely based on their new military doctrine. The new WarNet will be at the centre of their future operations and will form the core of their future capabilities. Only the main larger European countries are able to provide enough funding to come close to networking their armed services and even then this will take a different form because their doctrine is different to the US.

The large defence companies all have a role in developing this technology but they need substantial support from computer, telecommunications and I.T companies to make this happen. This is where the majority of the most lucrative contracts can be secured as part of a team run by one of the Prime Contractors on various projects.

Visiongain reports that various Ministries of Defence for the larger Western countries and their sub-agencies managing procurement provide the majority of funding. They will choose which company will be the Prime Contractor along with their team to take on development projects. They include the US Department of Defense and the Defense Information Systems Agency, the UK Ministry of Defence and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, the French MoD and its Delegation General pour l’armament (DGA), the Australian Department of Defence and its Defence Materiel Organisation.

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