University of San Francisco Introduces Business Computer Science Degree in Entrepreneurship

Thanks to the University of San Francisco, tech-savvy graduate students interested in creating or developing a technology company can learn how to move from start-up to Silicon Valley giant by pursuing a business computer science degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurship.

[ClickPress, Fri Apr 21 2006] The University of San Francisco (USF) saw something after the dotcom bust. There were many young entrepreneurs with more tech sense and little business sense trying to create their own companies and, after some initial success, ultimately failing.

They saw that this trend wasn’t going to change, so they decided to do something about it. USF – ranked in the Top Tier University Entrepreneurship Programs by Entrepreneur Magazine and among the Top 25 of America’s Most Entrepreneurial Campuses in 2004 and 2005 by Forbes and Princeton Review – has created a business computer science degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurship for tech-savvy graduate students interested in developing software and learning business skills at the same time.

Typically, entrepreneurial programs deal mostly with business and rarely with tech, but USF’s new computer science entrepreneurial emphasis combines both. “This way,” says Dr. Terence Parr, Computer Science Graduate Program Director, “the hardcore software developers can broaden themselves to develop some business acumen and acquire skills for leadership roles in the design, launch, and growth of new technology start-ups.”

There is almost nothing like this program currently offered in graduate school, and Dr. Parr goes on to say, “A computer science degree with a business emphasis like this is important because many hardcore technical people would prefer to get an MS with an emphasis in entrepreneurship rather than an MBA with some technical studies. Many of the best companies — Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, BEA and Sun — were started by computer scientists collaborating with MBA types. Our unique program gives future pioneers and founders of tech companies a leg up on the competition.”

The business computer science degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurship is offered through the Computer Science department for students pursuing Master’s degrees in Computer Science or Internet Engineering. Students seek one of those two degrees and concentrate their elective courses in Entrepreneurial Management and Global Product Development taken alongside MBA students in USF’s top-tier entrepreneurial business school.

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