Braidwood Announces United States Expansion

From: Braidwood Associates
Published: Tue Mar 17 2009

Braidwood Associates, the specialist microsimulation traffic modelling consultancy, has announced it is to open a second office in the United States to enable it to expand its existing portfolio of clients.

Braidwood Associates was set up in 2005 by Scottish entrepreneur Richard Braidwood, and is expected to report a fourth year of income growth by the end of March. The company now generates up to 90% of its business from its US operations and the 34-year-old expects further gains with the announcement of Barack Obama's new $787 billion economic stimulus package.

Mr Braidwood is flying to America later this month to finalise plans for his second US office, in New Jersey, to compliment his existing American base in California. In the last 12 months Braidwood Associates has provided traffic management advice through its modelling expertise to a number of major American infrastructure projects including New York City's Bronx redevelopment and some of the world's busiest highways such as Interstates 880 and 450 in California.

Mr Braidwood said, "We are in the fortunate position of having now established a specialist business which allows us to provide a high value service with maximum flexibility to some of the largest road authorities and private corporations in the world.

"I believe that we will open a further office in the United States this year and this will position us well for the expected progress of some key American infrastructure projects. The recent announcement of the multi-billion dollar stimulus package for the US economy by President Obama should deliver future gains for our American business and we fully intend to play our part in supporting the recovery through our specialist skills."

He concluded, "While the majority of our business is US based we remain vigilant for opportunities closer to home and we still believe that the UK government has a real opportunity - particularly so now given the economic challenges the country faces - to generate its own stimulus by driving through infrastructure plans that will keep the country moving."

In the four years since its foundation, Braidwood Associates has become one of the world's leading independent microsimulation traffic modelling consultancies. Richard Braidwood has built a business that provides specialist services to 20 clients across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. The company is advising on traffic modelling for some of the busiest highways and most populated cities in the world. Additionally Braidwood Associates also works with partners on infrastructure development projects at hubs such as airports and stations.


About Braidwood Associates
Braidwood Associates is a leading independent microsimulation traffic modelling consultancy focused within the transport sector. Through carefully managed growth and by providing high quality deliverables to clients, Braidwood Associates has become established as market leaders in providing microsimulation traffic modelling consultancy services in the global market place within the last three years.

With a wide range of traffic simulation software knowledge, traffic modelling experience, dedicated professional resources and proven project experience in varying sizes of traffic studies, Braidwood Associates brings together over 20 years experience in the microsimulation traffic modelling industry.

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