Construction Industry Seeks Ways to Efficiently Scheduled the Building Process

Published: Fri Feb 18 2005

CEDAR KNOLLS, N.J. – Thousands of construction contractors are putting down their hammer and nails to make a few clicks on the Internet and keep their new home construction projects on schedule and under budget.

Every builder wants a project to have a smooth flow of material and labor to bring about better supplier relations, elimination of waste, avoidance of rework and re-orders, job completion on time, and happy customers. Now there is a simple way to accomplish these goals with a tool that enables builders to be more competitive and more profitable.

Today onSchedule (tm) manages 60,000 housing starts and is utilized by 10,000 vendors, subcontractors and suppliers across 40 major U.S. markets. Ease of use makes it simple for all parties to keep a project "on schedule" with onSchedule (tm).

"There is no software to install because all parties access onSchedule (tm) on the Internet, and onSchedule Mobile (tm) helps you take care of business even when you can’t access the Internet. You can easily update schedules, notify vendors of future activities and submit payment approvals from the road. Keep everyone informed with this simple method of communication," said Adam Waites vice president of sales for onProject, Inc., the maker of onSchedule (tm).

Builders love onSchedule (tm) because it helps them to quickly identify potential problems and delays, reduce overall cycle time with a more accurate schedule, reduce mistakes, cut paperwork, and simplify communications.

"We examined several enterprise level scheduling systems and selected onSchedule (tm) for its functionality and acceptance among the large builders. We now have a system that is deeply integrated with our accounting application, Peoplesoft Enterprise One. And all of our schedules are in a central database helping us manage production and vendor, sub and supplier relationship much better," said Tak Fujii, VP of Technology, The Olson Company.

A cost-effective solution that will help you save money and increase revenues, onSchedule (tm) uses a proven implementation process that can be implemented immediately.

"No endless time spent on the phone trying to reach many different subcontractors and vendors. No faxes that don’t go through or get lost. Just the time savings alone will make your project more profitable," said Waites.

About The Olson Company
Founded in 1988, The Olson Company is headquartered in Seal Beach, with regional offices in San Ramon and La Jolla. Recognized as California’s leading developer of innovative and affordable in-town locations, Olson is a recipient of the "Builder of the Year" award. The Olson Company creates uniquely designed communities which redevelop and enhance neighborhoods utilizing live/work, mixed use developments, artist lofts, transit-oriented developments, brownstones, single family attached and detached homes in partnerships with cities and other agencies.

About onProject, Inc.
onProject (tm), Inc. is a leading innovator of enterprise-ready software, transforming the way companies manage projects while empowering the entire team in the process. It offers a full suite of flexible, easy to use software products designed to help solve real-world business problems either over the Internet, on enterprise networks, or as a customized solution to fit a company’s needs. The company has a web site at

onSchedule (tm) provides easy-to-use, web based scheduling with key features including payment approval, house configurator, house templates, hierarchy manager, change history, open items, and more.

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