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Published: Thu Apr 27 2006

Trainer1, one of the UK’s leading independent e-learning consultancy and development specialists, has launched version 2 of Context Sensitive Learning™ (CSL™) - its revolutionary delivery system that uses e-learning to give the end users the IT-related learning information they need at the moment they need it.

This new version has added a number of new facilities, based on feedback from clients. These include:

• The ability to identify a URL for use with web pages.
• The ability to search frames and nested framesets on web pages.
• The ability to identify a string of text within a webpage so that the product can identify web applications that dynamically create a screen.
• Increased speed and administration control.
• Enhanced administration tools including a new wizard for additional speed and clarity.

According to Trainer1’s managing director, Neil Lasher, CSL™ offers not only embedded learning for workflow and task based delivery but 'automated IT support'. From Trainer1's experience, CSL™ can cut calls to company helpdesks by up to 40 per cent.

CSL™ is now being distributed through resellers in the USA, Italy, Scandinavia, Singapore and South Africa and it is in use in, among others, the railway control and signalling technology specialists Westinghouse Rail Systems. Here, CSL™ is said to be reducing learning costs, as well as increasing worker efficiency and productivity through providing access to informal learning materials at the point of need.

Lasher commented: "The threefold concept behind CSL™ is that it provides immediate learning, intelligent learning and direct delivery of that learning. CSL™ integrates learning into workflow without detracting from the work itself – thus keeping the cost of training/learning to a minimum and, at the same time, maximising the output from the learning."


Notes for Editors:

About Context Sensitive Learning™

Context Sensitive Learning™ (CSL) enables organisations to provide their staff with information and communications technology (ICT) training in a user-friendly way. CSL™ uses e-learning to give the end users what they need at the moment they need it.

It addresses ‘informal learning’ that, studies show, comprise 80 per cent of the learning within a typical organisation.

The CSL™ learning materials are written by the user’s organisation - in the same way as learning materials are written at present but using different techniques. These learning materials may be written in any transferable format.

This ensures that the information they contain are exactly and entirely applicable to those who will be using them as job aids.

CSL™ provides training materials that can be applied to any program or content running on the client machine including web based applications and bespoke created software, documents and spreadsheets.

CSL™ provides the information people need without them having to leave their current task.

Moreover, CSL™ can create real value and ROI for user organisations – not by reducing users’ travel and subsistence costs but by reducing the time taken to develop learning materials and to getting users to reach ‘competence’. CSL™ integrates learning into workflow without detracting from the work itself – thus keeping the cost of training/learning to a minimum and, at the same time, maximising the output from the learning.

CSL™ constantly monitors which screen(s) the user has open on the desktop and, when required, will search and retrieve the relevant learning module that applies to the particular open screen or document – in a network environment. No files need to be deployed on the client machine, making implementation/roll out to large environments a simple process.

CSL™ is available in number of cost options.

About Trainer1

Trainer1 is one of the UK’s leading independent e-learning specialists, creating sophisticated courseware for learning. It works in a number of areas including:
• Creating custom-built e-learning solutions
• Supplying e-learning consultancy to make clients self-sufficient in servicing their e-learning needs – especially in terms of embedded and workflow learning
• Operating as a ‘tools warehouse’ for tools used by Trainer1’s clients

It has lengthy experience in computer delivered learning. In particular, Trainer1 develops, supplies and supports:
• Authoring tools - for the creation of content, meeting SCORM, AICC, LRN, XML, and QTI standards.
• Learning and Knowledge Management tools - for the management and distribution of content, including accreditation and reporting of data within existing databases.
• Delivery systems for workflow learning - CSL™.
• Tools and libraries to create multimedia content, including image editors, easy to use Flash production tools, libraries of sound, graphics and animation.
• Specialised training events to assist trainers become self sufficient in e-learning design and production.
• Development services in the creation and maintenance of learning content.

Trainer1’s client list includes international major corporations such as ABN AMRO, Kraft Foods, Deutsche Post (DHL) and Mitsubishi Corporation, along with clients including the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in the UK, the Department for International Development, and the UK’s Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, along with many municipal authorities.

Trainer1 is privately owned and remains a small, friendly company providing high quality product combined with personal service to Blue Chip Companies, as well as small and medium sized enterprises. Trainer1 is a member of many e-learning organisations, and Neil Lasher, Trainer1’s managing director is a committee member of the ELN and President (in 2006) of the Global Network of ASTD UK. He also works with standards bodies to ensure technology is meeting the needs of users worldwide, as well as the guidelines determined by the governing groups in the e-learning industry.

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Neil Lasher, Trainer1, 020 7264 4844
Bob Little, Bob Little Press & PR, 01727 860405

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