Nationally Recognized Expert on Test Construction and Item Writing for Nursing Exams Shares Knowledg

From: MEDS Publishing, Inc.
Published: Thu Apr 28 2005

(Laurel, MD) May 2005 -- What was once only available to educators as a one-day workshop can now be accessed online through MEDS Publishing’s Test Construction: Beyond Recall for Nurse Educators. As a leading nurse educator, Patricia A. Hoefler, RN, MSN, president of MEDS Publishing, has developed and conducted hundreds of workshops, seminars, and classes for educators throughout the United States and in Canada. As a nationally recognized expert on test construction and item writing for nursing exams, she has consulted with many schools on the teaching of critical thinking, problem solving, and test-taking skills for nursing students, and test construction for educators.

The Test Construction: Beyond Recall for Nurse Educators teaches educators how to write test questions that reinforce the nursing process and test students’ abilities to use their knowledge in a seven part series. Topics covered in this series include: Understanding Test Construction Principles, Applying Bloom’s 4 Levels of Cognition, Designing Priority Questions, Designing a Master Test plan for the 2004 NCLEX* Exam, Tests and Measurement, Conducting a Test Review, and Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills Using Test Question Logic (TQLogic™).

MEDS’ Test Construction: Beyond Recall for Nurse Educators features a talking glossary that defines and pronounces thousands of medical terms and drugs, a calculator for quick calculations, and MEDS’ exclusive critical thinking tutorial which uses MEDS’ educational methodology, TQLogic™, for comprehension, analysis, and application. Exclusive features also include TrackerPlus™ Management System which allows educators to track progress and monitor coaching, remediation, mentoring, and assessment, as well as MEDS’ Interactive Q&A which incorporates methodologies and technology that enhance the educational experience and engage the learner.

MEDS Publishing provides quality, cutting-edge technology to nursing education with an extensive line of learning tools for today’s nursing students, nurse educators, and hospitals. MEDS helps educators teach students to garner critical thinking skills that are necessary in order to succeed in their nursing careers beyond the NCLEX.

Since founding the MEDS Publishing in 1982, Ms. Hoefler has also developed a wide range of nursing education products and processes for educators; RN, PN, beginning, and nursing assistant students; and hospitals. She has authored and produced numerous innovative software programs, books, manuals, educational videos, and online learning tools on nursing education and comprehensive NCLEX review. She has also developed a unique approach, TQLogic™, to improve nursing students’ test-taking abilities and critical thinking skills. To learn more about MEDS Publishing, visit or call 800.200.9191.

*NCLEX exam is a registered trademark of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

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