Trainer1 takes revolutionary instructional design course to the USA

From: Trainer1
Published: Tue May 02 2006

Following the success of its new instructional design (ID) course, called 'More than Instructional Design', Trainer1 - one of the UK’s leading independent e-learning consultancy and development specialists – is to begin running the course in selected locations throughout the USA.

Cities include: Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas with the next course in Atlanta in late June.

The two-day course covers every aspect of ID in e-learning and goes on to explain how some of the layout design has instructional links. It concludes with a realistic workshop that provides delegates with some real practice in using ID principles to create e-learning materials. This is an instructional design course with a difference, this course is a must if you want to know why people read and remember some things and not others.

The course incorporates ‘The four ‘A’s of Learning’, a new model of ID developed by Trainer1’s managing director, Neil Lasher. In this model, Lasher has encapsulated the lessons of 20 years of designing e-learning and related materials to produce a model for ID specifically relating to task-based and workflow e-learning.

The course objectives include:
• Understanding the e-learner and what they understand
• What is the blend that is acceptable
• Content, gimmicks, humour and games
• The psychology of e-learning versus the classroom
• Layout and design considerations to learn from - how design gets in the way
• How not to create a failure (what turns the user off) learn by other’s mistakes
• What is the ‘e’ in learning and where can it be best deployed
• Who is the developer and what he is expected to do in the project

When asked why people should attend this course, Lasher replied:
"E-learning is very misunderstood from a learning perspective, lots of people understand the new technologies and try to relate class based ID techniques to this medium. Many technological gimmicks are in use as well…

"…Could you imagine going to a two day training course and the trainer had on a clowns outfit? Then at the first break he started to do magic tricks, produced a white rabbit from his hat? After lunch he changed into scuba gear and talked all afternoon with a snorkel in his mouth....what would you remember?.....

"Come on this course and you will gain the attention of the clown, but the knowledge of how to let them take the content away too."
For dates and times of Trainer1’s 'More than Instructional Design' course – both in the UK and USA, visit or contact Trainer1 on 00 44 (0) 20 7264 4844.


Notes for Editors:

About ‘More than Instructional Design’

Led by Neil Lasher, this is a two day course in instructional design (ID) with a difference.

Response to this taking place in the USA has drawn the following comments from those already wanting to book places:

Regarding your "More than Instructional Design" course, especially after listening to your speech in Orlando, I'm definitely interested. And I think it will also be a good opportunity to visit USA again. Istanbul Turkey

Your "More Than ISD" course sounds interesting. I know there are some people at my company that would benefit from it. Richmond Virginia

I would be EXTREMELY interested in attending your course. I'm always overwhelmed and enthused by your words of wisdom! Connecticut

I would love to sit in on your newest course. Chicago Illinois

Depending on the price and location my company would send a few people Detroit Michigan

Just tell me when and where. As far as the distance to travel, it doesn't matter to me. Allentown Pennsylvania

About Trainer1

Trainer1 is one of the UK’s leading independent e-learning specialists, creating sophisticated courseware for learning. It works in a number of areas including:
• Creating custom-built e-learning solutions
• Supplying e-learning consultancy to make clients self-sufficient in servicing their e-learning needs – especially in terms of embedded and workflow learning
• Operating as a ‘tools warehouse’ for tools used by Trainer1’s clients

It has lengthy experience in computer delivered learning. In particular, Trainer1 develops, supplies and supports:
• Authoring tools - for the creation of content, meeting SCORM, AICC, LRN, XML, and QTI standards.
• Learning and Knowledge Management tools - for the management and distribution of content, including accreditation and reporting of data within existing databases.
• Delivery systems for workflow learning - CSL™.
• Tools and libraries to create multimedia content, including image editors, easy to use Flash production tools, libraries of sound, graphics and animation.
• Specialised training events to assist trainers become self sufficient in e-learning design and production.
• Development services in the creation and maintenance of learning content.

Trainer1’s client list includes international major corporations such as ABN AMRO, Kraft Foods, Deutsche Post (DHL) and Mitsubishi Corporation, along with clients including the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in the UK, the Department for International Development, and the UK’s Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, along with many municipal authorities.

Trainer1 is privately owned and remains a small, friendly company providing high quality product combined with personal service to Blue Chip Companies, as well as small and medium sized enterprises. Trainer1 is a member of many e-learning organisations, and Neil Lasher, Trainer1’s managing director is a committee member of the ELN and President (in 2006) of the Global Network of ASTD UK. He also works with standards bodies to ensure technology is meeting the needs of users worldwide, as well as the guidelines determined by the governing groups in the e-learning industry.

Further information from:
Neil Lasher, Trainer1, 020 7264 4844
Bob Little, Bob Little Press & PR, 01727 860405

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