Free “How To Write A Notescast®” for iPod Notes Published

From: TimeStream Software
Published: Thu Apr 09 2009

TimeStream Software announces the publication of the free "How To Write a Notescast", a comprehensive 21-page guide which makes writing interactive content for the iPod Notes feature fast and easy.

"Apple included with nearly every iPod Classic and nano in use today a feature called ‘Notes’.", said Mike Westby of TimeStream Software. "With the new ‘How To Write A Notescast’ guide, anyone can now easily create interactive Notescasts for the iPod Notes feature, even if they have no programming experience at all."

A Notescast is an interactive multimedia presentation which can contain up to 1,000 pages of interactive copy embedded with links to related photos, video, audio or additional copy.

"Not only can iPod owners create their own Notescasts, but they can also share them with iPod owners around the world.", continued Mr. Westby.

Notescast authors are posting their Notescasts on the Internet at for iPod owners around the world to download and enjoy. What the App Store is for the iPhone and iPod touch, is to the iPod Classic and iPod nano.

While new, you can already find Notescasts written for a wide variety of topics, including everything from "Walt Disney World Resort" and "Disney’s Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys" to "Glacier National Park" Notecast and even the "Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa" in Hawaii. Almost any topic of expertise can become a Notescast, be it a hiking guide, recipe, book, summary of your vacation, even a step-by-step guide on how to repair the carburetor of a ’66 Mustang, complete with photos. Visit for a list of suggested titles.

The new "How To Write A Notescast" is written in an easy to understand and use format for those new to the iPod Notes feature and Notescasting. Chapters include…

• How to Write Notescasts
• Writing and Saving Your Notescast
• Organizing Your Notescast
• Linking to Additional Content
• Linking to Photos
• Linking to Video
• Linking to Audio
• Organizing Cheat Sheet
• Notescast Troubleshooting
• And More

Download the free "How To Write A Notescast" at


TimeStream Software is the global leader in the production of Notescast titles for iPod Notes. It’s Notescast titles can be found for the iPod Classic, iPod 5th Generation / iPod Video and iPod nano, as well as the iPhone and iPod touch.

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