JK Harris Audit Support Helps Client Save Over $23,000

From: JK Harris & Company, LLC
Published: Fri Feb 18 2005

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – Facing a $25,000 tax bill and an audit notice from the IRS, William Newell turned to JK Harris, the nation’s largest and most successful tax resolution firm for help. What he received in turn, he could not have imagined in a million years.

Newell of San Jose, Calif., received an Office Audit notice from the IRS to go over his 2002 tax returns. Newell prepared his own tax returns that year and believes mistakes he made in filling out the forms caused his name to show up on the IRS’ radar. When he received his audit notice, the IRS was disallowing all of his expenses for his 2002 return.

"When I received the audit notice and saw a potential $25,000 tax liability, it was with a feeling of complete depression," Newell said. "I had spent the last few years recovering from a financial disaster and had just repaired my credit and then this!"

So Newell hired JK Harris to represent him for his audit meeting. What he got in return, he’ll never forget.

"The JK Harris team approached each issue with a calm, professional attitude and obtained an overall understanding of the project," Newell said. "They explained the pros and cons of each approach and offered meaningful suggestions. When they estimated the tax liability could possibly be reduced to $10,000, I was impressed. When they called me after that audit and said my bill was $1,207.41, I was sure they were a magician."

JK Harris hired Terri Eli, an Enrolled Agent and owner of Eli Tax Service in San Jose to handle Newell’s audit. Eli said it was just a matter of having Newell do a little homework and then proving to the IRS that the expenses listed on his 2002 tax return were legitimate.

"I initially looked at his tax returns and felt we could get his liability down to $10,000," Eli explained, "but Mr. Newell did everything we asked and we were able to match up his receipts with the issues the IRS had. In the end, the IRS was convinced Mr. Newell was an honest person, and Mr. Newell was one happy client."

Carl Jones, Audit Coordinator for JK Harris, says when clients keep their records and documentation, results similar to the one that Newell experienced are not impossible.

"When a client doesn’t have the documentation, that makes our job that much tougher and doesn’t give the IRS much room to operate. When you have someone like Mr. Newell, you are more than likely to have a happy ending."

Newell said that he was appreciative of the help he got from JK Harris and Eli Tax Service. "If all of your tax representatives are as good as Terri Eli, the IRS is in big trouble. My call to JK Harris was the best investment I have made in years."

JK Harris represents hundreds of clients each year for IRS audits. For more information on how JK Harris can help, go to www.jkharris.com.

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