Online Lead Generation System Launched by MediaRight Technologies, Hanover, Mass.

From: MediaRight Technologies
Published: Wed Apr 15 2009

Many plumbers, electricians and other home improvement providers were spoiled until recently. There was so much new business that customers would patiently wait weeks for projects to commence. In today’s economy that lead flow has gone from a gusher to an unpredictable drip.

A new Online Lead Generation System has been launched by MediaRight Technologies ( , based in Hanover, Mass., to respond to that challenge. Utilizing a variety of techniques including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of website pages, headlines and body copy; scrutiny of Google ad words and targeting key words and phrases; and a WordPress platform, MediaRight Technologies is transforming how service providers are finding motivated customers.

"This recession had me more than concerned," noted John Wood, founder and CEO of Hub Plumbing, Boston, Mass. He added, "I was skeptical about the validity of the Online Lead Generation Service approach, but I give it a shot by borrowing from my Yellow Pages budget. Well, now I can sleep comfortably knowing that when I arrive at my shop in the morning we will have new customers who have found us and are ready to do business."

Jack Child, founder and President of Black Dawg Sealcoat, a national franchise based in Nashua, NH, remarked, "Our driveway preservation business is very seasonal and we have to make hay while the sun is shining. As a new brand, we needed to be easily found not by name, but category. The Online Lead Generation Service is keeping our crews – both in New England and beyond – very busy."

Due the competitive nature of the service industry, the Online Lead Generation Service is exclusive to each service provider’s market area. Pricing for the service starts at $3,000.

The lead capturing system maintains a high level of accountability. New customer information is sent via email to both the service provider and also archived on their website. The customer also receives a confirmation email.

Roland Lacey, the architect of The Online Lead Generation System and President of MediaRight Technologies, asserted, "Our system and our client’s websites address three critical customer questions. Do you have what I am looking for? Do I trust your company and site? How do I get it? By answering these questions with relevant content, professional design and user friendly navigation, we convert visitors to customers."
Lacey continued, "Our stable of talented ghost writers and graphic designers create pages that search engines - and PEOPLE - really love. Many of our articles have been picked up by high profile sites leading to valuable links for our clients’ sites."
Roland Lacey Jr. founded MediaRight Technologies in 1995 with the goal of helping small to medium sized businesses use the Internet and its associated technologies to grow their business online.
A Marketing major in college, Roland went on to a 28 year career in software design concluding that chapter as a Vice President at State Street Bank where he was a leader of development staffs of several European branches. Over the last 15 years Roland and the MediaRight Technologies team have built hundreds of successful web sites for businesses in all kinds of markets.
Lacey served as the Technical Editor of "The Essential Online Solution: The 5 Step Formula for Small Business Success" as well as the recently released second edition of "Retail Business Kit for Dummies" both published by Wiley and Sons. He serves as the Technical Editor and is a frequent presenter on "The Retailer’s Advantage" membership web site.
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