433MHz RFID Active Card Tag Released by GAO

From: GAO Tek Inc.
Published: Thu Apr 16 2009

GAO Tek Inc. (www.GAOTek.com ) has rolled out an internal battery powered UHF Wavetrend RFID active tag (GAO124012), which transmits a Radio Frequency (RF) signal at a pre-set time-interval. The portable tag is specifically designed for personnel tagging and asset monitoring. It can be configured to accommodate Wiegand interfacing.

The tag withstands adverse environmental conditions because it is encapsulated within a moulded ABS case, which is ultrasonically sealed during the manufacturing process. The active tag can be mounted on variety of items and has an anti-tamper status that is not re-settable. It also boasts an auto-wake function that it will automatically "wake up" after 5 minutes and start transmitting its pre-configured data when secured with the anti-tamper kit.

This active tag has an estimated lifetime of 5 years at a transmission time interval of approximately 1.5s. The battery status can be inferred by interrogating the internal tag age counter value.

In addition, the tag data includes customer site code (CSC), tag ID, Tag Age Counter Value as well as movement alarm and tamper alarm status can be transmitted.

For more information on GAO's UHF Wavetrend RFID active tag , please visit www.GAOTek.com or contact Sales@GAOTek.com.

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