A New Era In Advertising, Bringing The Power Of Streaming Video Advertising On The Web To The Masses

From: Brite Group
Published: Sat Apr 30 2005

Television advertising, without question is the most influential and compelling form of commercial communication available to advertisers and yet despite the phenomenal growth in the number of people using high speed internet connections to access the net for information there are very few businesses taking advantage of the same concept to communicate with visitors to their websites.

The main perceived reason behind the lack of video adverts on websites are firstly the high cost of production, implementation and lead time required, and secondly the highly complicated technical expertise or knowledge required in doing so. To put an end to this myth Vprofiles has developed a fully automated online wizard tool which allows anyone with no experience to produce and implement their own video ads on their websites in minutes at a cost of only a few dollars.

VProfilesā„¢ stands for Video Profiles, a very simple and easy to use Do It Yourself (DIY) wizard tool which enables anyone to easily create their own video adverts and place it on their desired websites without having any technical knowledge.

The fully automated wizard tool allows users to capture, encode, optimise and upload their video ads in minutes by clicking a few buttons. The wizard offers users a variety of designer templates, shapes and sizes to choose from and once they have done so automatically generates the required html code for them to cut and paste into their web pages.

Users can communicate and target, sight, sound, motion and most importantly Emotion to all their visitors, the viewer can instantly see the product or services, view it in a variety of situations, determine the benefits leaving them with a lasting impression of the business. As the saying goes if a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely a moving picture is worth ten thousand words. Vprofiles is available to everyone as a free trail and can be accessed by visiting www.vprofiles.net
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