Rodman & Rodman, P.C. Offers Businesses Essential Tips on How to Stay Connected and Retain Customers

From: Rodman & Rodman, PC
Published: Thu Apr 23 2009

Rodman & Rodman, P.C. Certified Public Accountants and Business Strategists, catering to small and medium sized companies throughout New England, offers tips on how businesses can stay connected with and retain their customers.

Rodman & Rodman offers businesses several tips:

Add value to the relationship. Provide more than just your product or service. From newsletters to product information, follow up calls, co-marketing with related businesses and by being a resource to your customer – try to add value to your relationship with them. Each of these ideas requires some extra effort and possibly expenditure, but the return is worth the investment.

Mirror your customer. Whenever directly communicating with your customer, determine your customer's rate and emotion of communication and mirror it. This does not mean you should imitate them. Simply match the rate at which your customer is speaking and their level of emotion. For example:

If the speed at which your customer is talking is quick and you respond at a lumbering and pensive pace, you are likely making them uncomfortable. Put yourself in their place. Say you were trying to carefully explain to someone a computer problem and they cut in and quickly rattle off what you need to do. Even if they are right, are you really happy?  Would you want to speak with that person again with your next issue? Match their rate of speech as best you can as a seller or someone serving the customer for the best possible result.

How your customer is feeling about their situation shows in the emotion of their communication with you. In this case, it is slightly trickier because what you are mirroring is not the actual emotion of that customer, but the depth of that emotion. If a customer is angry, do not be angry, but be concerned. Very angry? Be very concerned. If the customer is frustrated, be empathetic. The point here is that good selling and customer service does not mean you must be upbeat and cheerful at all times. If a customer calls you in a panic, you need to show them that you are going to respond to their reason for panicking with a sense of urgency that demonstrates both concern and competency.

Provide smiling telephone customer service. Studies have shown that a customer service representative will more likely answer the telephone with a smile when a mirror is placed in front of them. Not only do the callers sense the smile in the customer service rep’s voice, the mirror provides a feedback mechanism to show the representative whether or not they are matching the emotions of the customer. This technique is highly effective and something to consider doing if your business fits the model.

"Customer service is what we all do. We serve our customers in exemplary fashion so that they buy from us, hopefully over and over again. Simply delivering the product or service you provide in the manner you proposed, at the time you promised, and at the price you quoted does not mean that your customer will return to buy again; refer you another customer; and/or like you or your business," explained Larry Rice, Director of Strategic Consulting at Rodman & Rodman. He continued, "If you did not make your customer feel especially good about buying from YOU, the chances that the customer will choose the most convenient alternative available next time increases. Making a connection with customers is imperative."

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