Brownbook and Friday-Ad Launch Turnkey Local Video Ads Package

Published: Fri May 01 2009 and Friday-Ad, today, launch one of the most exciting and powerful marketing tools ever for small to medium sized businesses; their Local Video Ads service – super-charged video advertising that gets results.

This new service will enable businesses to catapult their online presence virtually overnight, using the immense power of video, as well as greatly improve the ranking, search engine marketing and search engine optimization of their site.

For companies wanting increased online visibility, to attract new customers and acquire the consequent increased sales, this unique new service is one of the fastest, most powerful and best value-for-money internet marketing or web promotion methods available anywhere.

"Our new Local Video Ads product massively undercuts the traditional price for such a service and goes much much further – offering the complete package from story-boarding to filming, editing, production and even includes extensive targeted online marketing of the video. We do not contract outside companies for any step of the process; the entire service is carried out in-house by our own staff," explains Dave Ingram, CEO of Brownbook.

"It’s a complete streamlined end-to-end turnkey service that is simple - with absolutely everything taken care of for the client - and fast too, with a turnaround time of only 48 hours," Ingram adds.

Here are some reasons why using online video is such a powerful method of advertising for small to medium sized businesses today:

* Video ads increase response advertising rates by five to nine times, with twice the conversion rate
* The second largest search engine, after Google, is YouTube which means it even beats Yahoo! and MSN in terms of number of searches per month
* 15 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every minute
* 11 billion videos were viewed online in July 2008
* 75% of all American web users viewed online video in July 2008
* Online video achieves higher attention levels than TV today
* Today’s technology has reduced the cost of all aspects of video production and marketing, making video online advertising accessible to all

From only £2 per day, the service provides: advice about the video style best suited to each individual business, story-boarding, on-site filming, editing, production, hosting and placement on Brownbook and Friday-Ad, online distribution to 50 video and social web sites such as YouTube, Google Video and MySpace Video. Videos can be 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes or 3 minutes in length as required. In addition, clients also have own-use unlimited rights to their video.

Here are some examples of Brownbook and Friday-Ad-produced Local Video Ads, as well as an explanation of the service on video by Dave Ingram, CEO:

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