BuzzGrub Online News Source is Set to Launch on July 1st

From: BuzzGrub, Inc.
Published: Thu May 07 2009 an internet site that will showcase the best contributions from writers, bloggers, photographers and videographers – will officially start publishing July 1, 2009. Intended as an answer to the erosion of the daily newspaper across the country, BuzzGrub will feature citizen reporters and columnists covering the stories and events that directly affect their lives.

The past few months have seen several daily newspapers fold or file for some type of bankruptcy protection. Although blamed on the economy, the decline in traditional print ad sales and the accompanying migration to the web by readers has made it very difficult for newspapers to compete for many years. Many market analysts predicted this change a decade ago.

BuzzGrub is on the cusp of the new digital information age enabling them to outlive the traditional newspaper. News is no longer being controlled and manipulated by organizations with agendas interested only in profit. The Internet has opened up the news cycle to the people, allowing them to shape the top stories for the day. Instead of the media companies telling people what to discuss, the people are dictating what the media discusses. The power of the online press is truly of the people, for the people, and by the people thanks to the Internet.

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