Do-It-Yourself Design Trend and Outdoor Entertaining Business Category Sees Growth

[ClickPress, Sat May 09 2009] Bryan Powell, a self-described yard design hobbyist, may be leading the way in a trend that is going counter to the current economic slowdown.

“People are living within more realistic budgets and by doing so…they are discovering the great joy of at-home outdoor entertaining,” claims Powell, founder of, one of the fastest growing new social networking sites on the web. “Our sole focus is giving people a platform to share their yard design photos and Do-It-Yourself yard design techniques.”

Powell really seems to be onto something as hundreds of new members tune in and DIY yard design, garden landscaping and outdoor entertainment related sales increase in many areas across North America. “This is proving to be a business growth trend…and a great way for families to build wonderful memories without having to buy gas or get on an airplane.”

Powell had the idea for a couple of years ago when he wanted to spruce up his own backyard with a slate patio and outdoor kitchen. “In looking through the web for advice on building my own outdoor kitchen, I realized that there was no one place to go for solid how-to advice. That’s when it struck me that there are thousands of other homeowners just like me who have a real joy for working in the yard… and a desire to share yard techniques with their friends and neighbors.” also features a section where yard design and landscape professionals can showcase their services to local homeowners.

Bryan Powell has a wealth of low-cost yard improvement ideas and home entertaining tips from the member files at To schedule a press interview, contact Michael David McGuire at (323) 656-3000.


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