Online Plaza Scheduled Server Upgrade: Notice to Users

From: Online Plaza
Published: Tue May 03 2005

Online Plaza, the UK based Internet shopping catalogue website today announce a plan for its server upgrade.

The spoke person from Online Plaza said that the upgrade is scheduled to be between 9-10 of May GMT time. "We would try to minimise the effect to our users while we transfer our data but we would like to say that due to the size of our database it is likely that some users may still experiences annoying disturbance during the upgrade." The time for upgrade or transfer would be from 2am-6am between that two days. "This is, we believe, the time frame where our website or service is least visited and accessed publicly."

The upgrade is neccessary due to the expansion of the business and promised customer satisfaction. "We recognise that our website is not performing as its should be and that the main reason we believe is the server we use. While the business is Internet based, it is obvious the server technology we use have to high end, reliable, and cutting edge."

The spoke person ensured that all departments within the company are working very closely on the plan to make sure the upgrade would run smoothly and seamlessly.
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