International Research into value of Sail Training

From: Sail Training International
Published: Wed May 04 2005

Universities and other institutions with credentials in behaviour and attitude research among young people in an adventure environment are being invited to submit proposals for a major worldwide project to measure the impact of the sail training experience. The invitation is from Sail Training International who plan to make the research the centre-piece of their celebrations next year of the 50th anniversary of the first ever race for sail training Tall Ships in 1956.

'The value and benefits of sail training for young people are generally well known in the industry, but largely anecdotal. Very little formal research has been undertaken to validate this evidence, and none on a very wide or international scale', said a spokesman for Sail Training International. 'We are convinced the results of the research we propose will be a very powerful tool in the hands of sail training operators worldwide.'

The principal purposes of the study will be to:
1 demonstrate the value and effectiveness of the sail training experience in modifying the behaviour and attitudes of young people;
2 identify the key benefits of different types of sail training programmes (voyage duration, programme content, type of vessel, etc).

Sail training International says it is essential that the research is independent, credible and achievable. Independence will derive from the study being conducted solely by the selected institution directly with sail training operators and their trainees. Credibility will come from the international reputation of the institution selected to do the research and formal post-study peer group review. Achievability will depend on a confidence in the proposed methodology, based on evidence of prior equivalent or relevant work. Sail Training International also says the study must be global, involving sail training operators and trainees in north America, Australasia and Europe.

The findings of the study will be in a form that can be readily used by sail training operators around the world to assist them in fundraising and trainee recruitment. The project will also provide the basis for a follow-up phase: the development of a self-assessment 'tool kit' that sail training operators can use to monitor and validate their own individual sail training programmes and practices into the future.

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