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Published: Fri May 19 2006

With the increasing number of applications for short term, top up loans coming into My Payday Loan a new customer call centre and response department has been hired in to beef up the team and continue the high levels of customer service for which My Payday Loan is known.

Over the past week, four new staff have been trained in the company’s core payday lending business, focusing on quick customer response and dealing purely with customer enquiries. The new call centre team is going to be managed directly by Chief Operating Officer, Kirsty Auchincloss who explains:

"Customer service has always been at the fore here at My Payday Loan. Customers needing cash advances until their next payday are not only looking for speed and ease of use but also to know that they are dealing with a reputable company online. As the number of loan requests to My Payday loan grows, we felt it was time to put in place a new customer response team. This both allows us to maintain efficient response times to customers and also means that the underwriting team can process loans quicker as they don’t receive as many incoming enquiries. All in all it makes the customer’s experience smoother, quicker and easier".

Manning the customer response team are Mork and Mindy from the popular 1970’s TV show. When asked about the new role, Mork replied, "Nanoo, Nanoo".

My Payday Loan’s reputation for customer service was highlighted by a recent survey which returned a number of compliments for the team and the benefits of payday loans. More customer surveys are planned to monitor the success of the new team.

Kirsty Auchincloss adds, "We are continuing to drive the business in the pursuit of customer excellence. In a relatively new industry such as payday lending, the customer experience is almost more paramount than normal as this increases general consumer confidence and means that word of mouth advertising will continue to drive people towards our site. Web hits to Payday loans have continued to increase without any additional advertising spend. This suggests we’re definitely doing something right!"

As the My Payday Loan team continues to grow and customers remain happy with the service, a payday loan is still the best alternative to risking high and confusing bank charges when a little extra cash comes in handy.

Notes to editors:

My payday loan offers loans between £80 and £1000 (subject to status) repayable on the customer’s next payday. Payday loans are helpful to people to bridge unexpected financial shortfalls or provide additional funds from time to time as the need arises.

Applying for a payday loan could not be easier – anyone finding themselves caught unexpectedly short before payday just needs to go online to Mypaydayloans and fill out the bespoke application form which is then automatically processed. The customer is immediately given an indication of whether or not they qualify for a loan and provisionally and for how much they would be approved. They are can then send the necessary documentation across quickly and, if approved, have their funds deposited the same day.

Existing customers have it even easier – in most cases they can complete loan renewals online, always helpful in the event they need that little extra cash.

My Payday Loan is a trading name of MEM Consumer Finance Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of MEM Capital plc.

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