Summer School Never Tasted So Good - The Wine School Announces Summer Program

From: The Wine School of Philadelphia
Published: Wed May 20 2009

The Accelerated Program enables students to differentiate between eight mainstay grape varieties, leads them in an intensive exploration into the world of wine; and, ultimately, opens the doors to better appreciate wine as well as speak about it with confidence and authority.

In the mornings, students are immersed in the Foundation Program, a program designed by founder Keith Wallace to better understand how and why we taste. With its emphasis on plain talk and unique teachings in sensory evaluation, this proven course has endowed past students with the techniques and knowledge to become extraordinary wine tasters, often bettering their professional counterparts in blind-tasting tests.

In the afternoons, the focus shifts to examining the major wine regions of the world. The Global/Intermediate Program takes a close look at various wine styles, wine regions, and winemaking across the globe. This concentrated section not only teaches students how to comprehend various countries' appellations, wine laws, and terroir; it also takes a thorough approach in deciphering and reading wine labels, while encouraging interactive discussions on the future of wine in the context of wine history, people, and place.

For those students unable to attend the entire Accelerated Core Program, good news: You are still welcome to attend the Accelerated Foundation course from 10 am 1 pm; and the Accelerated Global/Intermediate course running from 2 5 pm.

The Accelerated Core Program, Monday Friday, August 17 - 21
Foundation Program, from 10:00 AM 1:00 PM
Intermediate/Global Wine Program, from 2:00 PM 5 PM

With its respectable cache of instructors and its arresting approach to wine, The Wine School stands at the forefront of what has become a steadily growing field of study. The Foundation and Intermediate Programs were designed to provide a solid bedrock for anyone wanting to attain a higher knowledge and appreciation of wine.
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