From: Xtreme Entrepreneurs
Published: Wed May 04 2005

Do you love to watch backstabbing reality shows where someone is guaranteed to be embarrassed, degraded, or derided on national television? Would you bother watching a reality show based on win: win concepts of interdependence, mutual support, a positive attitude and "pay it forward" values?

Xtreme Entrepreneurs is set to shoot a teaser pilot. Many people are stuck in poverty, living "paycheck to paycheck," working one or more jobs, in serious debt, desperately struggling to make it financially and unable to break through the obstacles that prevent their entrepreneurial success. In each show, a desperate individual undergoes an extreme personal and professional makeover, coached by a team of business and personal coaches, experts, and advisors.

The goal of the show is to assist each entrepreneur in shattering the obstacles that block their success. As they achieve personal happiness, inspire audiences, and take their respective businesses to the next level, they will market their goods and services, become interdependent, self-sustaining, benefit the economy and create additional jobs.

Think a reformed The Apprentice meets Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Award winning, Houston based, Peculiar Pictures, and producer Paul Gallegos will produce the reality TV teaser pilot.

About Xtreme Entrepreneurs:
Xtreme Entrepreneurs is the visionary concept of Canadian Entrepreneur, Stuart Weinstein, and developed from his recognition of serious issues facing entrepreneurs, including chronic unemployment, and lack of medical insurance. Potential sponsors are welcome and should contact Xtreme Entrepreneurs.
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