A Tribute To Mothers.

From: True Country Records
Published: Thu May 05 2005

Destined to become a Country Classic, "A MOTHERS LOVE" will experience a feat unheard of in the Music Industry. A Country Ballad recorded by the Queen of the Internet Charts, Judy Sutton, A Mother’s Love hit radio this week and stations started adding fast. Mothers love is making a lot of noise. Church’s across the country are downloading A Mother's Love, and have asked for permission to play it for Mothers Day on Sunday. The song is spreading like wild fire out of control.
True Country Records indicated that over a 150 people are downloading the song a day they just can’t get enough of the song, A Mothers Love hits home and will bring out the tissue If you have not heard the song go and listen to it @ http://www.truecountryrecords.com . If you and your mom are real close and you are looking for a great gift here it is go buy it today.

I told our disc jockey at the local station about a mother's love and he ahs listened, and he said that he would be crazy NOT to play it. He plans to make a big push for the song! I am already behind him and many of my friends are getting the community ready to listen to the song of a lifetime. I love the way it gets the message across about Mother's and their love. Holly Jones, Bangor Maine

A Mothers Love was written by Ronnie Daly a country music songwriter with no chip on the shoulder from Pulaski Tn home of the Klu Klux Klan, Ronnie lost his mother a few short month ago and this song talks about a mother’s love in a way that no other song can compete with it. Judy's fans can’t get enough of the song, E-mail's are poring in by the day. TCR has made a special web page for the song and dedicated it to all mothers and Ronnie Daly.

True Country Records is bound to bring back that good old country music that we have missed for so long,
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