Buckingham Palace Security Fails Under Investigation Editor

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Published: Tue May 26 2009

Mazher Mahmood, Investigations Editor from the News of the World and England's most notorious undercover reporter, has thrust Buckingham Palace's security into review once again. Mahmood proved just how easy it is to gain access to the palace, in his favourite disguise - an Arab Sheik.

Mahmood reports that he was privileged to an exclusive tour of the palace's vehicles, simply by offering a bribe of 1000 pounds, to a chauffeur, Brian Sirjisingh.

Mahmood and a colleague, dressed up as nosy Middle Eastern businessmen, were given extensive access to the royal limousines, including the Queens personal Rolls-Royce and Daimler. The pair say they were went unchallenged, when admitted to the Royal Mews.

The pair were able to photograph and video the entire royal fleet, including the number plates of the vehicles. They were told official code names and given details of the security's weaknesses. The sat unattended in one of the vehicles, long enough to plant a bomb.

The Palace reports that it has suspended Mr. Sirjisingh, pending an investigation.

Every time they enter a royal residence, even the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales must display ID photos, yet two disguised reporters gained easy access.

An undercover reporter for the Daily Mirror, Ryan Parry, got a job as a footman in the palace in 2003 and revealed extensive details of royal domesticity.
Mahmood likes to gain his target's trust and frequently uses his Arab disguise. He is known as the 'fake sheik'. He is the author of the outstanding book called 'Confessions of a Fake Sheik – The King Of The Sting Reveals All'.

Mahmood long list of targets include corrupt government ministers, corrupt police offices, Home Office officials, actresses, arms and drug dealers, pedophiles, football stars, pimps and murderers, buyers of radioactive material for a Muslim terrorist group, crooked jockeys, solicitors and doctors, to drug taking royalty. He has repeatedly entered the United Kingdom on fake passports, in order to show up the slackness in the immigration regulations. Mahmood’s work has resulted in 234 successful convictions.

Mahmood has received lots death threats, cursed by an African witch, been fired on by Albanian thugs, and almost run over by a vicar. He has also managed to penetrate the Taliban in Afghanistan. In his career he has picked up a variety of awards, including the highly coveted Reporter of the Year in 1999. In short, wherever there is corruption, the modern day Sherlock Holmes, Mazher Mahmood is likely to be found.

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