Announcing the Bait Bookseller Discount Program for Independent Booksellers

From: Loren Stone
Published: Thu May 05 2005

When many authors publish their own work, they do not offer a discount for bookstores which purchase or special order their book. The costs of publishing one's own work are often prohibitive, and margin is low, to begin with. Further, many independent authors don't fully appreciate the costs of running an independent bookstore in today's market, and they don't realize there is a need for a bookseller discount.

But author Loren Stone does understand the demands of staying in business, in today's demanding bookselling market. To support independent booksellers, she is offering a standard 30% discount on bookstore purchases of her new novel, Bait, a story of family, faith and conflicting desires, set in both Center City Philadelphia and Amish Country. She has purchased ISBN's specifically for bookstore purchase of Bait, which give her a lower margin, but make buying Bait cost-effective for struggling bookstore owners.

"I've put nearly twenty years of publishing experience into producing a high-quality, well-produced novel, and offering a professional discount to bookstores just makes sense," says Loren. "Even though I'm making considerably less profit from my bookseller pricing, it's worth it. I'm an independent publisher competing against 'the big guys', and I want to support other independent business people who are doing the same. If book producers and booksellers are going to survive in today's market, we have to keep our collective edge. We have to stick together. Encouraging my friends and relatives to buy from indies isn't enough. I need to put my money where my mouth is."

To order as a bookstore, booksellers must enter a Bookseller Code on the Order page at, and they will be taken to special order pages for Bait which reflects the bookseller discount. Booksellers who wish to take advantage of this 30% discount can sign up at to receive their bookseller code. There is no cost or obligation, and booksellers are encouraged to register asap, so that they can purchase Bait when it becomes available later this month.

Bait will be published in May, 2005. Prior to publication, the Bait website ( provides a free sample chapter, reading guides, information on the author and the novel, and other related information. Book reviewers should contact the publisher at to request a review copy.

Bait, The Debut Novel by Loren Stone
List Price: $19.95 US
Bookseller Discount Price: $13.95
364 Pages Trade Paperback


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Contact Phone: 617-816-1382

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