Published: Thu May 05 2005

A competition winner discovered on the pioneering BRIGHTSKIES ‘unsigned’ music website has now been launched on an international stage.

BRIGHTSKIES Competition Winner, Steven Crayn, has now collected his prize – a lucrative deal negotiated by music consultants, Record-Play – and his first single, ‘Another Cold Beer’, is now featured in a new Rimmel Cosmetics advertisement launched on April 21st 2005 featuring supermodel Kate Moss.

The advertisement will be screened on TV and cinemas around the world, giving Steven the kind of exposure normally reserved exclusively for major record company signed artists.

Steven is the first winner in the joint Brightskies/Record-Play competition and it is hoped that many more unsigned artists will soon follow his lead.

Steven Crayn says:
"Brightskies is great, free exposure for unsigned artists and bands and I’m living proof that it works. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I owe it entirely to Brightskies and Record-Play."

Record-Play spokesman Dan Cross says:
"We’ve been trying to help the unsigned community for some time, but the means to source decent music just wasn’t there until Brightskies."

"We are one of the few music companies championing the work of the unsigned community, Brightskies simplifies the process by removing the traditional red tape, making it easy to find and use quality original music."

Brightskies co-founder, Alex Georgiou, comments:
"Record-Play has set an important precedent we hope others will follow."

"Record companies have never signed more than one percent of the worlds’ artist population and, to protect their signings, openly encourage the misconception that there’s a lack of real talent!"

"Anyone who has visited BRIGHTSKIES will realise that this is a gross injustice!"

"We’re happy just to give the unsigned community an opportunity to respond publicly, Steven Crayn is doing it with style, others will soon follow."

The Steven Crayn single ‘Another Cold Beer’ is available as a download for 50p from Brightskies earning him 15p (net) per sale compared, for example, with an EMI signed artist on sale at iTunes selling at 79p who will be lucky to earn just 0.0015 of a US Cent (gross).

BRIGHTSKIES is open to all music makers and music lovers.

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BRIGHTSKIES introduces an utterly new concept into the music industry:

BRIGHTSKIES offers legal MP3 downloads for just 50p (USA 75c). These downloads are unrestricted and have no limitations on their usage (they are Digital Rights Management free). Other sites charge a minimum of 79p (USA 99c) for their limited usage (DRM) downloads. Whilst other music sites seek to restrict the portability and convenience of downloaded music, BRIGHTSKIES actively champions its development and legal expansion, offering free back ups, online storage, and easy access from any web enabled PC.

BRIGHTSKIES, founded by musicians, offers music makers a ‘dream record deal’ allowing them to earn from their music whilst retaining full ownership and does not take a percentage or commission for any deals struck as a result of exposure at the BRIGHTSKIES website.

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