Tour for Rebirth After Menopause

Published: Thu May 05 2005

SAN FRANCISCO, May 3, 2005 - Instead of complaining about migraines, sagging skin or lackluster husbands, mature women are opting to get re-invigorated with a passion-centered tour to Tuscany.

While most Americans are wolfing fast food, taking meetings, or just plain rushing through life, Tuscans are still taking the time to smell the flowers. Now women who want a taste of the good life are learning how to savor the moment with Toscana Mia, a custom-crafted tour devoted to passionate living. They get a chance to experience everything from gourmet cooking lessons with a James Beard House chef and author to hobnobbing with the locals who turn making a cup of coffee into a peak experience. The result? Women have changed careers, felt liberated to take travel adventures without their mates, gained a renewed interest in romance, lost weight, taken up gourmet cooking, begun painting after a 20 year hiatus or been spiritually moved. The Toscana Mia "Live Like a Tuscan: tour runs from September 3 to September 13, 2005 (tours are offered every year in Spring and Fall).

The price for the exclusive handcrafted Toscana Mia 12-day tour is $5,395, per person double occupancy, excluding airfare. Packages include deluxe accommodations at a luxury Tuscan villa, sightseeing and most meals. Availability is extremely limited for these small-group experiences.

This enchanting tour is hand-crafted from the heart of the owner of Toscana Mia Serenella Leoni, herself at the Crone stage of her life. Serenella, a CBS expert featured in the San Francisco Chronicle is a native Tuscan Lifestyle Expert. Born in Viareggio (a beach resort on the Italian Riviera), Serenella's passion for Tuscany reflects a lifetime affair that she shares with her clients. Connie P., a recent participant, describes it this way: "I close my eyes and I see a beautiful, ancient hill town nestled in verdant green. In my ears I hear the sound of the church bells. In my mouth I taste the wonderful flavors of food prepared for me by people with a passion for and pride in their cooking - it's a gift presented! These sensations move my heart. Tuscany reaches out to me and puts me back in touch with my own passion."

For a copy of the Toscana Mia tour brochure and information on tour availability and pricing, contact Serenella Leoni at (650) 343-4819 or via e-mail at Comprehensive information is also available online at

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