Published: Fri May 06 2005

The thousands of website publishers who are part of the Google AdSense advertising program now have a source to learn about the earnings of other publishers in the system. Google releases very little data about the performance of the AdSense system and until now, publishers were kept in the dark about the earnings of others in the system. is a website that allows users to enter in the earnings they have made from AdSense into the database, then compare those earnings against others. sheds light on the statistics of the AdSense system.

In March 2005, Google updated the policies of the AdSense program to allow users to "accurately disclose the amount of Google’s gross payments". In order to get a more comprehensive picture of who is earning what, allows users to submit the earnings of a website along with the category, language, number of visitors, number of page views, PageRank and URL of the site. These records can then be searched and sorted through the query interface.

Google still does not allow AdSense publishers to disclose click-through rates or other statistics relating to site performance. This makes any data available about site performance very valuable to anyone interested in it. Until, there has been no way for potential AdSense participants to know what revenue amounts were reasonable. There was also no way for existing participants to know if their own revenue was comparable to others with similar websites.

Launched on April 25th, 2005, has already attracted thousands of visitors and its database of submissions is providing interesting results. As the database continues to grow, it will become a vital resource for users to get an understanding of the numbers behind the AdSense system. can be found at
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