ibooka Announces Good Causes Programme Online reservations systems for fund raising events

From: ibooka Limited
Published: Mon Feb 21 2005

ibooka Limited, who supply hosted online (internet) booking and reservation systems on a "pennies-per-booking" basis to companies, clubs, associations and organisations around the world, announced today that the company has launched a good causes programme as part of its continual commitment to giving back to the global community that has made ibooka such as success.

ibooka is making a limited number of ibooka sites available to worthy or good causes to help them run specific events. A good example of the type of events that ibooka Ltd. will be happy to provide the ibooka booking systems for are golf days, sponsored tennis events or other special events that are run by many charities or fund raising organisations. These often require a huge amount of administration as many hundreds of people are accommodated in evening phone calls and tee times/courts are arranged and continually re-arranged.

ibooka will provide a fully functional online reservation system that is configured to show the logos and designs of the "good cause" and will review requests from "not for profit" organisations that would benefit from using an ibooka site for a specific event or series of specific events.

ibooka will donate all of the costs for booking fees and therefore the "good cause" organisation can receive the full ibooka reservation system service but without the usual booking costs associated with it. The only cost to the "good cause" will be a one-off £99.00 administration and hosting charge – ibooka will even also consider requests for help with system configuration!

Any "good causes" that wish to apply for participation in the ibooka good causes programme are welcome to email goodcauses@ibooka.com with details of their organisation, their planned event and full contact details.

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Information for editors:
Web site: www.ibooka.com

ibooka is an innovative concept of ‘pay-as-you-go’ on-line booking, reservation and appointment service, hosted by ibooka so that you can get on with your business, that brings businesses and their customers together over the InternetWe are all used to booking flights and hotels on the internet, but why can't we also book on the internet a round of golf at our local golf club ? a game of tennis at the tennis court, a driving lesson, a service for our car, the bouncy castle for the kids party, an appointment at the dentist, a lane at the local bowling alley, the doctor, the vet for our pets, meeting rooms at a business centre, a session at the local health club, a squash court, the table by the window in our favourite restaurant, etc

Many companies make reservations, take bookings and manage customer appointments. To offer this service to customers across the internet has many advantages, it frees up staff, you never miss a call from a potential customer wanting to book a service, clubs and companies can take bookings when they are closed, 24 hours a day and for a doctor or dentist to fill that early morning cancelled appointment at 2am the night before when someone is on the internet has obvious advantages. However, online reservations systems are expensive, need specialised IT staff, need investments in computer equipment and take too long to implement when all people want to do is focus on the business they know and have that unique experience in - their business.

The ibooka system is an online booking system that all other kinds of organisations from golf clubs, through driving schools, squash clubs to conference centers, etc. control, it allows their customers to choose and select when the services they offer are available, from booking a golf tee time, a dentist appointment, a tennis court, a session at the gym or a conference suite to other services like when the wedding suite is available, a driving lesson or physiotherapy online. The customers can then book (and if selected, pay in full or a deposit directly to the company or organisation via credit/debit card) through the secure web site. The ibooka system can be configured so that people can book immediately or cannot book less than 1 hour, 24 hours, etc in advance and the club/company and the customer will get an email confirmation each time a customer does make a booking. All the users are registered, so the club/company will know who their users are and ibooka even checks that the users email is their real address. It is a great service and differentiator but best of all only costs a few pennies per booking (about the cost that a phone call to make the booking would cost) and no other costs !

We have also had people take ibooka booking sites for special events, golf tournaments and promotion days in various locations around the world.ibooka is a new concept in online reservations and booking. When customers sign up to ibooka they do not need to buy any more computer equipment, they do not need to be a computer expert, they get your own personal secure reservations web site that is easily configured, to look exactly like their existing web site and incorporated in their site through a simple link that ibooka provides, they don't need any IT operators, they can take payments for their services over the internet securely and they don't need to buy any software. In fact all of this is available on a trial basis that is free of live transaction fees and then after that there is just a very small fee for each transaction.

Some of our customers cost justify and receive a return on investment on Ibooka within days or even hours. To trial ibooka the only cost is a small fee that simply covers the cost of ibooka hosting the booking site for up to 3 months while people try it out and although people can just sign up for this over the internet we also welcome calls to discuss this.With ibooka there is no long term contract to sign up to. If people do not feel it is helping their business or that they are making additional money from the system, then simply stop using it and there are no more fees, liabilities or commitments.The whole idea of ibooka is that it really is that simple, no catches, no restrictions and no barrier to small, medium and large organisations/business' being able to cost effectively provide an enhanced service and increase their business.
Company: ibooka Limited
Contact Name: Simon Theobald
Contact Email: goodcauses@ibooka.com
Contact Phone: +44 191 385 9755

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