Get the new Samsung P300 with Dialaphone and get a free Sony PSP

From: Dialaphone
Published: Fri Jun 02 2006

On the Dialaphone website purchase the new Samsung P300 - the new phone that’s' that's the size of a credit card! This tiny phone comes complete with an MP3 player, Bluetooth and a camera with a whopping 80Mb of memory. This phone also includes a WAP 2.0 browser with email functionality, and features a great voice memo function.

The new Samsung P300 is available with a lot of Dialaphone plans, including a free Sony PSP. The PSP (PlayStation Portable) is Sony's handheld version of the Playstation. The PSP plays music and videos, as well as being one of the hottest handheld consoles on the market. The Sony PSP - Samsung P300 mobile phone deal comes with 200 free any network anytime minutes per month, and 100 free texts per month, and with an offer of half price contract for six months this is a deal not to be sneezed at.

Apart from the PSP offer there are also a lot of other deals with the Samsung P300. There is also an offer of a free iPod nano with a new t-mobile "Flext" contract with Dialaphone. The great new Flext contract gives a great flexible deal giving flexibility over the way free allocation of texts and calls is used. The way it breaks down is: for 35 pounds per month contract 180 pounds worth of free calls and texts per month is added to the phone to be used at will. This means a combination could be chosen; of up to 900 minutes of calls per month, or 1800 texts; so an amazing amount, no matter which way it is mixed.

AS well as the incredible deals there are always great deals to be found on the Dialaphone website.
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