BFO partners with Business Rules Engine provider OpenRules, Inc.

From: Big Faceless Organization
Published: Mon May 09 2005

London, England, 09 May 2005, - Big Faceless Organization (BFO), the leading global provider of Java reporting solutions, announces partnership with OpenRules, Inc., provider of the most popular Open Source Business Rule Engine OpenRules.

OpenRules enables business analysts to work in concert with software developers to create and maintain rules-based web applications with complex business and presentation logic. OpenRules provides an ability to generate complete PDF documents "on the fly" using information entered during web interaction sessions and predefined PDF forms. Integration with BFO PDF library allows OpenRules to present a PDF document generation process as a simple Excel table that maps business objects defined during interaction to fields on a PDF form. Dr. Jacob Feldman, CTO at OpenRules Inc., explains that "after trying several Java APIs for PDF generation, we selected the BFO PDF Library as the most reliable and easy to use PDF API."

OpenRules’ users will benefit from additional BFO PDF functionality including multiple digital signature capabilities, creating and editing interactive Acroforms, and the ability to import and edit PDF documents. Users of BFO’s PDF Library will also benefit from the integration with OpenRules that allows business analysts to define and automatically fill in dynamic PDF documents using easily defined web interfaces. The integrated OpenRules-BFO PDF solution is available now upon request.

About BFO: Founded in 1998, Big Faceless Organization builds robust Java components include the Big Faceless Report Generator, PDF Library and Graph Library. Headquartered in the UK, BFO currently distributes to over 50 countries. The client portfolio includes global giants AT&T, JPMorgan, Hitachi, Toyota, Siemens, DHL, Athens 2004, KPMG, T-Mobile and Boeing.

About OpenRules: OpenRules, Inc. is a NJ-based US corporation that develops, supports and provides consulting services around Open Source Business Rule Engine commonly known as OpenRules™.
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