Publishing your own book makes now more sense than ever

A streamlined POD service enables you to reach a global audience with your book through 25,000 outlets.

[ClickPress, Thu Jun 25 2009] The face of publishing is changing and as it does so it creates more opportunities for new authors than ever before. New digital printing and print-on-demand (POD) services can now deliver the same quality and almost the same cost per unit as traditional offset printing. This has began to relieve the stranglehold publishing houses had on the market and allow authors who have something to say to find their own niche audience.

The obstacles to getting your book out used to be put in place by publishing conglomerates which also controlled the distribution channels. Although they stated that they acted as the self-appointed arbiters of taste and quality, they also stood as a form of control, choosing and picking what the reading public could read and deciding what was commercial and what was not. All this is now changing.

If you are an author with a book which deserves a niche audience but many not be a mega-seller you now have the ability to bring it to the market yourself and enjoy the same quality and the same exposure as any other book out there. Web Direct Studio ( have been instrumental in helping authors get their books published, through a variety of channels since 2005.

“We now have put in place a book fulfilment service which allows an author with a ready-made manuscript to get it to a global market through every English-speaking online and offline outlet which sells books,” says a spokesman for the company, “this gives you, as an author, the same power as you would have had you gone through a traditional publishing house, more exposure and certainly more control over your own work.”

With the twin obstacles of getting your book professionally bound and printed and then delivered to outlets which order it, removed, the path remains wide open for niche authors, from poets to hobbyists to reach an audience. “Whether a book will get published or not no longer depends on the perception of how appealing it is to the masses. We can now focus on value, quality and the fact that there is always a niche audience out there which can be successfully reached for relatively little cost.”

All that is needed now is for authors to have a publishable-quality manuscript and a clear idea of how it will benefit their intended audience. The rest of the process is just a couple of clicks away and the cost of getting your book on the market is less than you’d spend on purchasing an iPod.

“Creativity and passion should never be stifled by commercial considerations. Our Express Publishing Service has been set up to get your book to the market professionally and fast at minimum cost.”


Notes to Editors: Web Direct Studio have been pushing the boundaries of digital technology in all its aspects since they were set up in 2005. Their Express Publishing Service utilises cutting-edge printing and book delivery fulfilment services to enable authors to get their work out there fast.

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