Fact File Clippings Old Hat!

From: Writelink
Published: Mon Feb 21 2005

Freelance writers who insist on clinging to bulging files of paper clippings will soon go the way of the Dodo, says www.writelink.co.uk editor, Sue Kendrick.

Launching the new Write2Publish web publishing system which allows writers to have their own web presence that can be easily updated by the user, she went on to say that more and more editors are utilizing the speed and flexibility of email and the web to commission articles, receive copy and illustrations and liaise with advertisers and printers.

In view of this, any freelancer who doesn’t play by the same rules is likely to find their work load drying up.

"Most editors now expect a quick email pitch," said Sue, "and if interested, a link they can pursue to an up to date website with examples of work.

Unfortunately constructing an ordinary website is often beyond the skills of most writers who are then forced to use the services of a web designer with additional costs incurred each time updates are required.

The Write2Publish system that Writelink is offering gets around this problem by utilising easy to use blogging software. Through a web-based control panel, copy can be typed or pasted directly to the web and published within seconds! No special skills are needed and the writer has full control of all content appearing on their site."

Writelink is a creative writers resource website and as well as editing the newsletter and site updates, Sue also freelances for a number of other web and print publications so is well aware of the needs of serious freelances.

The Write2publish system is a low cost, easily maintained system that most people should be able to master within a very short space of time. The fact that the user has immediate access to the site makes it is a very valuable addition to a freelance’s marketing armory.

Full details and a demo site that can be tried out are available here: www.write2publish.co.uk
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