JK Harris Goes Extra Step for Customer

From: JK Harris & Company
Published: Tue May 10 2005

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – Jacqueline Morgan was happy enough that JK Harris, the nation’s largest tax resolution firm, was able to settle her $46,000 debt with the IRS. But when she found out that the company tacked another year onto her Offer in Compromise and saved her an additional $4,400, she was ecstatic.

A resident of Washington, D.C., Morgan said she had tried to work directly with the IRS but with little success. She also said the IRS wouldn’t accept any of her offers and wouldn’t agree to a payment plan. She saw an ad for JK Harris, and decided to put her faith in the company.

"From the time I hired JK Harris, the IRS woke up," Morgan said. "The only way I could get respect from the IRS was when I hired JK Harris. I had spent years trying to play catch up and I was getting no where."

Morgan said that it was JK Harris’ knowledge of the tax law that worked in her favor. "The average citizen doesn’t know the law," she said. "I was frustrated dealing with the IRS after two years of no progress."

Morgan found herself owing the IRS approximately $50,000. She said that a number of situations led her to owing the IRS money, including unemployment, illness and having to pay for an installment plan with the IRS her ex-husband supposedly paid off.

Morgan stated that JK Harris, after requesting a copy of her master file from the IRS, also found out that she owed back taxes for 2003. That additional year – 2003 -- was tacked onto her original offer for the years 1985-86,1992-95,1997-2002 and $20 was offered as the settlement amount. After a JK Harris Licensed Taxpayer Representative presented Morgan’s case, the IRS accepted the $20 and the matter was settled.

"I recommend JK Harris & Company to everyone," said Morgan. "They are the best tax solving company here in the U.S. They are reliable and their staff members possess many years of experience, and are dedicated."

JK Harris & Company, LLC, (www.jkharris.com) based in North Charleston, S.C., is the nation’s largest tax resolution company with over 470 satellite offices in 46 states and has served more than 180,000 clients. The company was founded in 1997 by John K. Harris. JK Harris also provides services for consumer and commercial debt, student loan debt, investment fraud, financial planning, mortgage services, tax return preparation, and assisting individuals who require support for an IRS audit.
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