Sterling and Ross buy First Novel of the Great Recession

From: Pantonne Press Inc
Published: Wed Jul 01 2009

Some novels take a stab at defining the American Dream. The Great American Novel has to have as one it's ingredients a new take on an old theme--the vailidity of the American Dream and current generations relationship to that dream. We are in the midsts of a Great Recession and it may be too early to assess the impact of this downturn on America, but a novel published in Chicago is taking a shot and the result will be out in Febuary with New York publisher Sterling and Ross

Rocket Man was published by Pantonne Press last winter when author William Hazelgrove, could not find a New York publisher for his fourht book. "Esssentially it was self published, " the author said from his office in Ernest Hemingways Attic in Oak Park. "No one wanted this satire about a man losing his home and so I went back to my old press that got me my start." His start came three novels before and after a jump to Bantam for his next two novels he found himiself back to square one. "You have to ready for whatever comes in this industry and I knew I was publishing Rocket Man in in the mouth of a hurricane."

But after one hundred and fifty reviews and a Best Book of the Year Selection, Sterling and Ross, a New York based published snapped up the rights from agent John Talbot read the novel and knew it deserved a bigger home. "I was hooked from the first page and knew this was a very topical book about what is going on with people right now." Sterling and Ross publisher Drew Nedermeyer is establishing a new fiction line at his house and is looking at Rocket Man and William Elliott Hazelgrove to be one of the authors he will build around. "One thing is for sure, Rocket Man will finally get the launch it deserves."

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