Could Mario S. Fedele be in the same league as JK Rowling?

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Published: Wed May 11 2005

"Stories for a Stormy Night, Vol. 1" is comprised of two novellas, "The Fear-o-Lots" and "A Sickness by Any Other Name." Addressed at young adults, it is written in a clear, concise language to make for an easy read. Furthermore, filled with fresh ideas and novel situations, the young reader is sure to remain riveted to every page.

Could Mario S. Fedele be another JK Rowling in the making?

Both write for young adults.

Both write in the fantasy-adventure category.

And both have received acclaimed reviews!

Those for JK Rowling are well documented. Some for Mario S. Fedele follow.

Donna Laird writes, "In ‘Stories For A Stormy Night,’ Mario S. Fedele has written two great stories to read on a dark night, curled up on the sofa with hot chocolate and a blanket to cover your head at times. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more of this author’s work." Another comment comes from Vicky Stowers, "I had a great time reading ‘Stories for a Stormy Night.’ What an imagination this author has!" Along the same lines, Pat Shanahan indicates, "Mr. Fedele certainly has a talent for crafting words into mental images." And LaDonna B Hawkins aptly adds, "This author’s work is both original and intriguing."
Finally, Goody Niosi of the Harbour City Star has this to say, "’Stories for a Stormy Night, Vol. 1’ is an intriguing little book by Ladysmith resident Mario S. Fedele. The book contains two novellas, both of which contain a message…’The Fear-o-lots,’ [the first of the two], is a simple and charming [story]…[Whereas, the second in the series], ‘A sickness by Any Other Name,’ is a strange tale, highly fanciful and a strange companion to the first story… At the very least this is an interesting and unusual book. The author displays a highly tuned sense of imagination."

Visit Mario S. Fedele at his website. Find out a bit about him and read some sample chapters of "Stories for a Stormy Night, Vol. 1." Then determine for yourself whether the above praise is warranted.
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