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Published: Mon Jul 06 2009

Ever get frustrated with slow connection speeds on other FTA sites when you need your FTA files the most? Are you distraught that you are inundated with a maelstrom of advertising? If you answer is YES, then is the site for you! We feature T-1 connection speeds and a NO-ADVERTISING policy on our forum. If you want a fast site that is available 24/7 no matter how much traffic is online quality FTA FILES are just a step away.

We feature popular receivers on our FTA forum such as Viewsat, Sonicview, Coolsat, CaptiveWorks, Pansat, Nfusion, Conaxsat, Space star, Buzz, Blue Jay, Cooltec, Dream box, Digiwave, E-Box, Extreameview, Fortec, Galaxysat, Homesat, Icon, K-BOX, Megasat, Neosat, Neusat, Pantec, Skyview, Vortex, X-Factor and more!

If you lost your FTA instruction Manuel, or need more information on any of the above FTA Receivers, our site is the right one for you.

The best thing about GoodFTA that we are a private forum, which means, the only people here, are the people who want to be here. We are a true community, a friendly neighborhood of people sharing FTA information, resources and a large quality FTA Blog.

GoodFTA makes it a point to have a very easy to navigate and its interface that makes it easy to find the FTA files you want, when you want it. We make your experience easier by offering our official GoodFTA Toolbar. With a simple installation when a new FTA file is out, you are automatically made aware of it.

We also offer FTA Contests and raffle draws for our members every month. We like to give back to our community and every make we give away for FREE, a full FTA system. To enter the draw, you just need to be a member of GoodFTA.

If you are interested in checking out our membership tiers you may visit also you may elect to visit our Products listings webpage at

GoodFTA was started with a strict mandate, to offer the largest FTA Files resource database on the internet. It is our promise to all of our members that we will have the most comprehensive library of aids and tutorials and FTA KEYS.

We will help you re-aim your satellite dish, without having to have an installer in our home, that you may not know or trust. Most people want to get Charlie because BEV is down, we can help you do this, within minutes. We also have N3 (Nagra 3) Encryption updates. The latest news and industry buzz is at

We would like to thank the FTA community at large for making GoodFTA – Good FTA Files all the time your number one source for all your Free-to-air needs.

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