Just Published - "Bait" - A Controversial New Novel by Loren Stone

From: Loren Stone
Published: Wed May 11 2005

BOSTON, MA: JD "Jax" Madigan, is a bohemian lesbian living in the heart of Philadelphia. Her brother, Danny, is an evangelical, funda-mentalist Christian who still lives amid the cows and cornfields where they grew up. They don't have much in common, but despite their separate lives, they still keep in touch and are as close as ever. Jax can overlook Danny's main-stream privilege, and Danny can overlook his differences with Jax's "lifestyle choices." After all, they're family.

But when Jax meets Jenn, Danny's girlfriend, their straightforward relationship turns complicated. Jenn is beautiful, articulate, charming... everything Danny has been looking for in a woman. And Jax feels the same way. Suddenly, after steering clear of her parents' house for over a decade, Danny's enticing girlfriend gives Jax a reason to return to the family fold for Sunday dinner, and Jax finds herself irresistibly drawn to this attractive newcomer in ways she knows are verboten. Danny doesn't seem to mind, though. In fact, he takes every opportunity to bring the two women together. And as Jax is lured deeper into her family's traditional dynamic by this magnetic, challenging woman, she finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue and deception that threatens to destroy what each family member holds most dear.

"Bait" (published May, 2005) is now available for purchase at www.baitbook.net. Visitors can read the first chapter and find additional information on the author and the novel at the website. Book reviewers may contact the publisher at info@baitbook.net to request a review copy. Loren Stone supports independent booksellsers and offers a Bait Bookseller Discount. Bookstores can find details at www.baitbook.net.

Bait - The Debut Novel by Lesbian Author Loren Stone
List Price: $19.95 US
Trade Paperback 364 Pages
Purchase online at http://www.baitbook.net
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Company: Loren Stone
Contact Name: Loren Stone
Contact Email: info@baitbook.net
Contact Phone: 617-816-1382

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