From: Ikona Gear International
Published: Wed May 11 2005

COQUITLAM, B.C. – May 11, 2005 – Ikona Gear International (OTCBB: IKGI), a leader in innovative gearing systems technology, today announced a joint development and testing project with Andrew Corporation, an S&P 500 global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of communications equipment, services, and systems. Under terms of the project specifications, Ikona’s patented gear technology will be incorporated into a prototype of Andrew’s 2.4 M transportable antenna design.

"We are pleased to announce this new development project with a global leader such as Andrew Corporation," said Laith I. Nosh, President and CEO for Ikona. "Our technology provides Andrew with significant advantages over existing gearing solutions. We look forward to working closely with the Andrew design team as we move through design and testing."

The Ikona Gear’s patented tooth form provides several advantages over conventional gear designs in the Andrew application, including near-zero backlash for higher precision, extremely high gear ratios for high precision positioning, and very rigid, light-weight and compact design. Ikona is developing and testing the Ikona design in this application subject to Andrew’s specifications.

About Andrew Corporation

Andrew Corporation is an S&P 500 company with sales of $1.84 billion, employing approximately 9,500 worldwide, with corporate offices located in Orland Park, Illinois. Andrew manufactures and distributes products used in the infrastructure for traditional wireless networks, third generation (3G) technologies, voice, data, video and Internet services, as well as applications for microwave and satellite communications, and other specialized applications, including: earth station antenna feed systems; government and military antennas; radar and HF antennas; and radar pedestals. The company believes that developing markets such as China and India have significant long-term growth potential for the company. For more information, visit www.andrew.com.

About Ikona Gear International

Ikona Gear designs, manufactures and markets innovative gearing-enabled applications and gear increasing and reduction systems. Ikona's patented intellectual property involves a unique gear tooth form that provides very high gear reduction and very high gear tooth contact. The company’s patented technology affords significant advantages over traditional planetary gearing systems including: very high torque, reduced size and weight, almost zero backlash, accurate back-and-forth actuation, low wear, superior efficiency and low noise. Ikona trades on the Over the Counter market under the symbol "IKGI" and on the Frankfurt Exchange under the symbol "IG2". For more information on Ikona, please visit us at http://www.ikonagear.com/.
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