SDS to put on high-voltage display at Munich Laser show

From: FTPB
Published: Thu May 12 2005

SDS of France is one of only a handful of manufacturers in the world to supply high-voltage converters and ultra-miniature DC modules. Intended primarily for the electronic microscopy sector, they are fitted in small housing boxes and can be soldered directly to printed circuits. Voltages can be set by external potentiometer or analogue input-signal voltage programming. SDS will be present at the Laser 2005 trade fair in Munich, Germany, from 13 to 16 June.

The modules have input voltages of 12, 15 or 24V and output voltages of 200V to 4 kV with a maximum power of 4W depending on the model. An original feature is that the boxes can be mounted either vertically or flat. They are used in fields such as electronic microscopy using photoelectronic detectors (e.g. photomultiplier tubes), semiconductor detectors (e.g. avalanche photodiodes) or light-intensification systems (e.g. multi-channel plates). They can be supplied in standard versions or customised in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) for advanced research and industrial applications.

SDS also develops larger modules that deliver rapid high-voltage pulses for laser systems, mass spectroscopy and beam deviation. Drawn directly from SDS' unique know-how, these modules are used in a broad range of applications where a voltage of several kV must be commutated in a very short time. The boxes incorporate their own high-stability, high-voltage generator. They can be used to connect numerous devices with high capacitative loads at high impedance, especially in research applications. The company also supplies medical-equipment maintenance companies with high-voltage supply units previously mounted on nuclear-medicine equipment manufactured by Sopha Medical Vision International (SMVI).

For operation in remote mode, the equipment designed and manufactured by SDS can incorporate RS232/RS485 serial interfaces or a GPIB link supporting the SCPI command protocol or it can be fitted with field bus adaptors for protocols as varied as Profibus-DP V0 and V1, CANopen, DeviceNet, Ethernet 10Mbits, Fast Ethernet 10/100Mbits, Interbus, Lonworks or I▓C.
About SDS

Headquartered in Saint-Maur-des-FossÚs, in the Paris region, SDS (Systems Development & Solutions) specialises in the design and manufacture of high-voltage supply modules ensuring high stability and low residual wave. It supplies 500V to 80kV power converter units with maximum power of 500W; these are for applications ranging from electro-optical devices or radiation detection to the associated management and control systems via serial or field bus links.
SDS will be present at the following trade fairs:
- Laser 2005, Munich, Germany, 13 to 16 June, Stand B2 524;
- New Development in Photodetection, Beaune, France, 19 to 24 June;
- China International Optoelectronic Expo, Shenzen, China, 3 to 9 September, Optics Valley Stand;
- Photonex 05, Coventry, UK, 5 and 6 October 2005, Stand C24.
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