ProgiLog 2005 puts spotlight on value chain management

From: FTPB
Published: Thu May 12 2005

ProgiLog 2005, the IT exhibition for industrial, commercial and value chain management, will be held from 30 November to 1 December 2005 in Paris at CNIT-La Défense. The trade show will offer two days of conferences and exhibitions to help companies optimise their client-supplier value chain. The 2004 show brought together 77 exhibitors, 11 conferences and 28 workshops and drew 3,500 visitors.

Logistic, industrial and commercial management incorporates all the tools and methods aimed at improving the supply-production-distribution chain by reducing times and costs and improving customer satisfaction. Value chain management has become essential in industrial and commercial businesses to the extent that it plays a dominant role in enterprise resource planning (ERP). In the same way that product and flow monitoring makes it possible to optimise the client-supplier chain, tracking tools have become indispensable and hence closely correlated with IT systems.

Over 1,500m2 of exhibition space, ProgiLog 2005 will assemble all the ERP, value chain management and tracking solutions available, together with software companies, consultants and service providers in the following fields: ERP (enterprise resource planning); identification, tracking and RFID; SCM (supply chain management); computer-aided management and manufacturing and MES (manufacturing execution system); SCE (supply chain execution); PLM (product line management); SCP (supply chain planning); sales forecasting; SCEM (supply chain event management); and EDI (electronic data interchange), EAI (enterprise application integration) and XML (extensible markup language).

Conferences and workshops will be among the highlights of ProgiLog 2005. In addition to fundamental themes (sales forecasting, value chain execution, production management), ProgiLog conferences will cover topical subjects such as reverse logistics in the high-tech sector. Reverse logistics concerns the management of flows from consumer to producer. In the high-tech sector, this consists of the management of numerous returns of computers or other goods in the new technology sector (including packaging) to the supplier.

An entire morning at ProgiLog 2005 will be devoted to transport-management problems with the presentation of success stories in delivery optimisation and pooling. The session will be concluded by a round-table discussion on transport-management systems.

The conferences will be in the form of two or three talks by users, chaired by the leading experts in the sector. The workshops will present innovative or unusual case studies and product demonstrations. An exclusive feature will be the announcement of the results of a study on value chain execution.

Finally, business meetings scheduled prior to the show will bring together decision-makers seeking solutions and exhibitors. The meetings will be held from 30 November to 1 December at the show. This saves time for decision-makers and forms a guaranteed return on investment for exhibitors – facilitating a 100% business operation. Overall, 150 projects were listed in 2004.

About ProgiLog 2005

ProgiLog 2005 is the IT exhibition for industrial, commercial and value chain management. It will be held from 30 November to 1 December 2005 in Paris, France, at CNIT-La Défense.
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