Smart Box Design Updates and Re-Launches 9 Men's Morris Game for Palm OS Handhelds as Triples, the C

From: Smart Box Design
Published: Thu May 12 2005

Smart Box Design announces the launch of the newly updated Triples game, a remake of its popular 9 Men's Morris "capture and defend" strategy game for Palm OS devices. Triples, or Mühlespiel as it's called in its German edition, is a popular game played in homes and pubs throughout Europe.

Triples should be considered a must-have for those who enjoy strategy games, such as Chess and Othello. To win, players must successfully complete a row of three round stones on a grid of concentric boxes. Each time a row of three, or a Triple, is completed, the player can select which of their opponent's pieces to capture. The game requires strategy when originally placing stones on the grid at the onset of the game, or the opponent can easily trap the player's pieces and systematically "pick them off." It also requires strategy throughout the game to intelligently select which stone to move during each turn, and which piece to capture when a Triple is made.

Triples features five levels of play, as the computerized opponents become more challenging at each successive step. Players are automatically promoted to the next level as their skill increases. The game allows for multi-player gaming and delivers high-resolution graphics and enhanced sound effects. For those who are unfamiliar with the game, Smart Box Design has integrated in-game playing and strategy tips, plus official rules and winning strategies to improve the player's game.

"9 Men's Morris has continued its success as a very popular game in Germany and throughout Europe where players grew up with the game," said Todd Sherman, Smart Box Design's president. "We believe this new Triples version, with easy-to-follow directions that can get you up and playing within minutes, will be a great introduction to the game for those who aren't as familiar with it-particularly our American customers."

A free trial version is available at and can be purchased for US$14.95.

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Smart Box Design LLC, based in Seattle, Washington, was formed in 2003 by game industry veterans who share a common vision of creating exciting, high-quality, strategy games for mobile users. Smart Box Design licenses, develops, and publishes games for Palm and Pocket PC powered handheld devices. The company's games include Triples, which is sold worldwide, Farkle, the dice-rolling classic, which has been localized into German, and WordPop!, a best selling strategy, puzzle, and word creation game.

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