Daimer Industries Announces Two Wet-Sandblasting Pressure Washers

From: Daimer Industries, Inc
Published: Tue Jul 21 2009

Daimer Industries, a major supplier and worldwide exporter of commercial cleaning products, introduced two industrial pressure washers featuring wet sandblasting systems, the Super Max™ 12200WS and 12300WS. The new tri-mode, electric pressure washers can clean with cold-water, hot-water and steam.

"These new commercial pressure washers offer the highest performance in our line of tri-mode wet-sandblasting machines," said Matthew Baratta, Daimer.com spokesman. "The equipment is ideal for removing rust, corrosion and the toughest deposits."

Blasting Technology

The wet sandblasting kit included with these pressure washers consists of a flexible 15-foot sand pickup tube, sand point and a venturi head, which creates a uniform blast pattern and increases the sand velocity. The wet sand blaster systems can be used with a variety of sand grit sizes and different media, such as baking soda and small plastic pellets.

Because these wet sand blaster systems use high pressure water, the machines safer than units employing compressed air, which requires the operator to wear special breathing equipment.

The electric-powered, tri-mode 12200WS and 12300WS are heated with propane. The equipment features long-lasting, heavy duty schedule 80 heating coil for increased durability. Multi-gun operation is available as an option

The Pressure Washers

The Super Max™ 12200WS pressure washer offers pressure levels of up to 2000 psi, a flow rate of up to 4 GPM, hot water temperatures of 180º F to 210º F and steam temperatures as high as 330º F. The Super Max™ 12300WS offers pressure levels of up to 3000 psi, a flow rate of up to 5 GPM, the same hot water and steam temperatures. This unit has dual or multi-pressure selection capabilities available as an option.

Both of these mobile pressure washers are on wheels and include: a 50-foot, high-pressure steam hose; a three-foot trigger wand; four assorted nozzles; and a powder-coated steel, high gloss, chip/chemical resistant case.

For More Information

Questions and requests for additional information can be directed to Matthew Baratta by calling (888) 507-2220.

About Daimer Industries

Daimer is a major manufacturer, importer and worldwide exporter of the industry's leading line of KleenJet® steam cleaners; XTreme Power® carpet cleaners, hard surface cleaning machines, floor buffers/scrubbers/burnishers; Super Max™ and Vapor-Flo® power washers; and the line of Micro-Blasting® Eco-Green® ecologically friendly green chemicals that employ unique technologies and a patented, proprietary chemistry.

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