Detect Duration and Number of Visits to Stores, Banks, Exhibitions, etc

From: Biodata
Published: Fri May 13 2005

Biodata Ltd is pleased to announce their new Dwell Meter. This detects how long customers spend in one place and how often that place was visited. With the Dwell Meter retail outlets can—-for example—-test the effectiveness of new displays, compare one display with another, evaluate new store layouts or monitor waiting times at counters and checkouts.

The Dwell Meter is part of Biodata’s Video Turnstile people counting system. Using an overhead camera it detects a person entering and leaving a zone. Windows software supplied with the system reads and reports information from the dwell meter, in real-time if necessary.

Data can be analysed with almost any software, including Microsoft Excel. Biodata offer VisualTrends Lite free of charge, or can supply the full-blown version, Visual Trends, which enables people to view results over the Internet. All these options produce histograms showing how many people stayed for how long.

Managers can choose up to three time intervals over which to record visits. For example, the system can count the number of people visiting a zone every two seconds for the first combined, so if the original time intervals chosen were too short they can be added together for another view.

Available in RS232, RS485, Ethernet and Wi-Fi versions, the Dwell Meter can connect directly to a PC or modem. It is simple to install and requires little or no maintenance. A single Dwell Meter costs $997. This includes all the cabling, the overhead video camera and the Windows software.

The Dwell Meter provides a powerful and efficient way of evaluating the effectiveness of point of purchase marketing. It provides accurate information on which to base management decisions and helps improve customer satisfaction.

Biodata have been designing data collection systems for over 30 years. They provide free technical support for life. All their people counter units are designed and manufactured on their premises in the UK and can be customised to the client’s specifications. Video Turnstile systems are being used by shopping centres, galleries, libraries, etc in 13 countries including Britain, USA, Singapore, Dubai, Japan, Hong Kong, Norway and Spain. For more information see or contact:

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