HOME SECURER 1.00 – a unique in design and functionality gsm home security system

From: Media Systems
Published: Fri May 13 2005

HOME SECURER 1.00 combines a tri-band GSM module and a microcontroller with embedded eCos based firmware and easily adaptable application, which implements the logic control of 8 programmable Inputs and 6 programmable Outputs. The device’s functionality is extremely flexibly programmable at parameter level.

HOME SECURER 1.00 allows configuration and event notification via SMS, Data connection and GPRS. The Home Securer 1.00 can be configured from a PC via the integrated native Mini USB interface, using original on-screen configuration software. Accidental access is prevented by unique device password, PIN and name protection. HOME SECURER 1.00 is equipped with an integrated NV memory for parameter storage and saving of events and a 3 V Lithium battery for RTC backup. Additional option is incoming Voice call dialer number identification and, in response, command execution. Despite its name, HOME SECURER 1.00 is designated also for industrial and business sites and offices, which require remote control and management.

The HOME SECURER Starter Kit enables Service providers and System integrators to create and upload original applications, developed for custom purposes, with the help of the included API and documentation. The Starter Kit is essential and compulsory for starting of any new project.

HOME SECURER 1.00 is already in mass production. For full commercial information please contact our Sales Executive Manager at sales@securer.info

More detailed information about the unique Securer Family concept you can find on its official website: www.securer.info Further technical and general data are available in Section Downloads.
Company: Media Systems
Contact Name: Valdimir Kamburov
Contact Email: sales@securer.info
Contact Phone: +359 2 973 3050

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