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Business: Web-based Calculating System Provides Small-Medium Sized Businesses with Tools for Making Money

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Web-based Calculating System Provides Small-Medium Sized Businesses with Tools for Making Money

Taking control of costs and improving profit margin is the bottom line for a web-based company,, which helps small-medium sized business owners plan their business's financial future.

[ClickPress, Tue Jun 20 2006] is in the business of helping small-medium sized business calculate cost and make money.

Most small-medium sized business owners are multi-taskers and juggling day-to-day operations can be challenging; planning for the company's financial future can easily be overlooked. can help. Through their web-based program, they take the guesswork out of calculating expenses and determining profit margin.

"It's astonishing that most individual, small, medium or even large companies are not aware of all the costs related to doing business, Mark Lallemand, President,, said. "Most people simply guess, especially start-up businesses. And then, 80 to 90 percent of them go out of business in three to five years."

The My Overhead Calculating System (sm) is an entirely convenient, web-based tool that allows customers to obtain a complete cost picture, determine if their company is going to turn a profit, and find out how to improve its financial success, within minutes, not hours. It can be custom designed to meets the needs of each business owner. There are existing field choices that include choices such as accounts payable, sales, insurance, and office supplies. If a customer does not find a field that is necessary for calculating expenses, they can create one.

"The program, just like the economy, is totally flexible and while many of the standard settings applied to us, we were able to customize it for our needs," one satisfied Akron office manager, said. " has truly changed the way our company does business."

Detailed accuracy, not guesswork, allows the customer to create an overview of their company's financial well being. The system is completely confidential and secure.

It is a unique product," Lallemand explained, "that was originally developed for the construction industry, but is now totally applicable, advantageous and available to all types of businesses, no matter what size. For example, electrical contractors can use it to calculate and bid on jobs. Manufacturers can use it to set the price on a product. Accountants can better advise clients, and restaurants can use this to set their correct menu prices."

This exclusive overhead calculating system enables customers to realize all of their operating costs at-a-glance. They can fine-tune pricing structure, target the right cost adjustments and save and improve their profit picture. Changes can easily be entered and overhead costs and future projections -- instantly recalculated.

"We want customers to know where they are and to understand how to get there," Lallemand said. "They deserve the peace of mind to know that they are in control of their operating costs and profits."

A free features tour is available at:

About was founded by Mark Lallemand who developed a mathematical formula to calculate business overhead and predict and improve profit margin. The web-based program uses a patent pending system that helps small-medium sized business owners understand and control the numbers that affect their bottom line. The company also offers frequent seminars across the country to help businesses take the guesswork out of financial planning.

Mark Lallemand

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