Nuera Network Reaches an All Time High of Successful Matches

From: Nuera Network
Published: Thu Jul 30 2009

As we head into the middle of the Summer finding that special someone to have 'fun in the sun' with has not gotten much easier. But this month Nuera Dating Network is proud to announce it has reach a significant milestone!

Nuera Network ( has been successfully bringing together couples from all walks of life throughout the Los Angeles and San Fransisco area. July 20th marked the 2000th match which happened in Los Angeles - The land of sun and buns is infamous for its nightlife and dating scene and when we asked Dennis Richardson of Nuera Networks about this he said; "Sure LA offers hot nightlife and tons of gorgeous singles but it is not always easy to meet someone, especially if you have a demanding career". "Joining a dating service can make your life a lot easier and with our comprehensive pre-screening process it really gives you a better chance of 'clicking' with the right girl or guy."

Nuera Network offers a very unique service because unlike many other dating companies that use more impersonal methods of matching clients either over the phone or the internet, Nuera still believes in the importance of a face-to-face meeting in order to best match up their selective clientele with the right person. With Nuera you won't have to suffer the indignity of meeting someone that says they are 10 years younger or 5 inches taller, it has been proven that when the anonymity of the internet or phone is removed people tend to be much more honest.

Nuera Network has been very successful in their niche and it is expected they won't be long in creating there 3000th match in Los Angeles, maybe it will be you?

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Dennis Richardson
Nuera Network
454 S. Robertson Blvd, Suite B
Los Angeles, CA 90048
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Company: Nuera Network
Contact Name: Dennis Richardson
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Contact Phone: 1 877 967-7250

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