South-Tek Systems Partners with Ming-Mei to Provide Nitrogen Generators for IVF Equipment throughout

From: South-Tek Systems
Published: Thu Jul 30 2009

South-Tek Systems teams up with Asian company Ming-Mei to provide nitrogen generators for Ming-Mei's state-of-the-art in vitro fertilization (IVF) equipment throughout Asia. This exclusive partnership will benefit the end user in terms of being cost effective, reliable, safe, and convenient.

Incubators in which embryos are cultured during IVF require keeping the oxygen content to only 5%, as opposed to the 20% that is naturally present in air. To ensure that the oxygen level is kept to 5%, a constant stream of pure nitrogen gas must be introduced and maintained in the incubator at a carefully controlled rate. A nitrogen generator ensures that the proper level of N2 gas is maintained and is available on demand as necessary. This is the most optimal way to provide the nitrogen gas necessary for successful IVF treatments.

The South-Tek Systems partnership with Ming-Mei in Asia provides the benefits of decreasing incubator nitrogen gas costs significantly; eliminating N2 gas cylinder refills; ensuring that the incubator is never without the correct supply of nitrogen; increasing the level of convenience for IVF labs; and allowing labs to produce nitrogen gas on-site and on demand.

South-Tek Systems co-founder Charles Metzler is excited to extend the reach of their product throughout Asia with the Ming-Mei partnership: "South-Tek believes in the quality and integrity of our nitrogen generators, especially for applications as sensitive as in vitro fertilization. Our new partnership with Ming-Mei pairs the reliability and convenience of our nitrogen generators with the advanced, state-of-the-art technology that Ming-Mei offers and reaches to their extensive IVF market in Asia."

South-Tek Systems specializes in engineering and manufacturing nitrogen generators and the N2 Series Generators for use in a wide variety of applications worldwide including industrial, military, laboratory, and process applications. Ming-Mei is a leading manufacturer and supplier of IVF equipment in Asia and offers a broad range of products and technical expertise.

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