Feel the Benefits of Sprung Slatted Bed Bases from Natural Home Products

From: Natural Home Products
Published: Thu Jul 30 2009

You can physically feel the benefits of having a sprung slatted bed base from NaturalHome-Products.com. Having the right foundation of support to your bed is fundamental to orthopaedic health and attaining a restorative and refreshing night’s sleep. In addition to giving stable support to your spine, sprung slatted bed bases also give great ventilation to your mattress, making your bed a more hygienic place to rest.

Sprung slatted bed bases from Natural Home Products work in harmony with your body and its movements at night. They also work in synergy with your mattress, releasing its pressure sensitive qualities so that your entire body has perfect support and stability. In fact, natural Latex mattresses and natural Latex and Coconut Coir mattresses should ideally always be supported on sprung slatted bases in order to get the greatest benefit from the multiple properties of these natural mattresses.

All sprung slatted bed bases provide hygienic ventilation and are made of European sustainable Beech and Ash wood. Choose from the basic yet classic Flexa Slatted Bed Base; the Flexoline Slatted Bed Base with adjustable lumbar region slat tension for firmer, less flexible support or the Flexoline Comfort Slatted Bed Base, also with adjustable lumbar region but in this case with more flexible and sensitive support. Then there is the Ergoflex Slatted Bed Base which has models with optional tilting head and/or foot sections, all of which also come with adjustable lumbar region slat tension. Finally, in Cot size to King size, there is the simple, handy and great value Roll Out Slatted Base made with solid Ash batons and providing both sturdy support and excellent ventilation. Natural Home Products can also make bases in any custom size to fit your existing bed, enabling you to benefit from the support and ventilation slatted bases provide without having to replace your entire bed.

Natural Home Products provides functional and luxurious yet affordable bedroom products which are 100% free from any chemical additives and help you create a natural, organic and healthy bedroom.
Visit www.naturalhome-products.com to view the entire range, from slatted bed bases, wooden beds and natural latex mattresses, to natural pillows and duvets and much more.

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