Models Direct: The Exacting Art of Fitting Modelling

From: Models Direct
Published: Fri Jul 31 2009

They can't rely on clothes hangers or product catalogues to excite the buyers, they need real live people to do the clothes justice. And that means they need to find models that are able to do the job.

In the clothing industry, specialists in this kind of modelling work are known as 'fitting models'.

Recently, Lindsay Oddie from Lancashire worked as a fitting model for Columbia, travelling south to Reading for a fitting session at Columbia's UK head office.

The 22 year old size 8 model had a great time doing the work and taking her modelling career in a new direction. "I found it to be brilliant," she said.

According to Damian O'Connor, Managing Director of Models Direct, the agency who placed Lindsay in her job with Columbia, quite strict criteria apply when they are looking for a model to do fitting work.

"It's an interesting kind of modelling work," said O'Connor. "You do not necessarily need ‘model looks’ for this type of work but you do need to maintain your size. The most successful fitting models become very knowledgeable about the line they're modelling and learn how different fabrics behave."

Bodily proportions are very important in fitting modelling, because there are consistent industry standards for certain clothes sizes. So the people who will best suit a modelling career in doing fitting modelling will be those whose proportions happen to exactly match the industry standard, down to the last centimetre!

That doesn't mean you have to be waif thin to be a fitting model, however.

There are industry standards for all kinds of shapes and sizes of clothes. Clothing designers and manufacturers will often need to find a model that fits the "plus," "petite" or "big and tall" sizes, for example.

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