UniBook Announces the Release of "The Wise Shall Understand: The Bible Code Revealed"

From: UniBook.com
Published: Fri Jul 31 2009

UniBook is proud to announce the publication of Charles Huntley Clever’s book, The Wise Shall Understand: The Bible Code Revealed.

The book details the author’s theories about hidden codes within the Bible, and the implication of those codes on current political, religious, and general human affairs. While many authors and theorists have for thousands of years combed the Bible in search of hidden meanings, dates, and prophecies, Mr. Clever asserts the information contained in his book provides a code to actually unlock a secret chapter hidden within the Bible.

Mr. Clever uses the secret code to discover through a step-by-step process the approximate end of human History (hint: soon), and the timing of the new creation. The book also discusses topics such as the conflict of good and evil, the identity of the Abomination of Desolation, and the Mark of the Beast.

The Wise Shall Understand is a deeply religious text, written from the perspective of a Christian author, and addressing a wide audience of all religious persuasions.

As with many books of this nature, The Wise Shall Understand will undoubtedly become a highly controversial book. However, it should prove to be a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in the Bible, hidden meanings, or cryptography.

To learn more about the book, read an excerpt, or purchase a copy, visit The Wise Shall Understand: The Bible Code Revealed.

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About Charles Huntley Clever: The author has studied the Bible, including multiple translations, looking for the hidden "key" to unlock the only part of the Bible "closed until the end of the days." Finding the "key" in 1974, he refrained from publishing it until now—world conditions mandate the publishing of its "sealed" message.

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